Kaospilot Education

Program Overview

The world needs leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers who are driven by a desire to disrupt status quo – become a Kaospilot. Embark on this three-year learning journey and work on projects that matter. Not only for you, but for the world as well. You will learn entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, develop yourself as a leader, and discover your direction and career path. The Kaospilot Education is a reality-based education where you work with real people and real challenges in the world around us. It is a team-based education where you will learn and work in collaboration with your peers in a dynamic environment. During your education you will develop a portfolio of projects, gain relevant skills, solid work experience and a network for your future – meaning that you are work-ready before you even graduate.


You will acquire the right theory and tools to apply in practice in your work for real organisations. The program content will enable you to further qualify your work, develop yourself as a leader, and develop your direction and career path. We offer a unique combination of Business DesignProcess Design and Project Design for you to master together and separately.

Business Design:

Create multiple layers of value for your customers and stakeholders and learn how innovation contributes to developing businesses on a commercial level.

Process Design:

Learn ways of designing, facilitating and leading processes in diverse groups, which fosters collaboration and support, in order to create better results.

Project Design:

Learn how to creatively organise, manage and lead projects of different sizes and outcomes, all whilst acquiring a toolbox for leading projects effectively.

Enterprising Leadership:

Develop yourself and gain the confidence to truly make a difference in the world, whilst creating a solid foundation for your personal leadership practice.


The full three year program earns 180 ECTS point, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.


The Kaospilot Education offers an alternative learning and pedagogical approach that is built around a rigorous training platform, which dynamically combines theory, action and reflection.

Our approach has evolved over the past 30+ years of experience of a broad yet coherent theoretical foundation. It draws upon various theories within philosophy, psychology, action research and learning. Three essential learning elements.


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Action & Reflection

The Kaospilot Education is virtually a playground for learning where you apply theory in action and become a leader who is engaged in creating change through action.


Project-Based Learning

A central part of your learning is working with projects in different constellations – individual, group and team-wide projects – and in different contexts across the globe. You will have the opportunity to work on projects of your own interest too.

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Workshops & Practice

You will be taught by some of the world’s leading experts who will provide you with the latest theories and tools. All of our lectures are workshop-based, which means that they are interactive and focused on how you apply theory and tools.

Is This For Me?

Applicants to the Kaospilot Education are the dreamers and doers of this generation. They have a learner’s mindset. They are positive and passionate people who believe in creating world-changing ideas.

People who apply to the program come from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds; some hold just a high school degree and others might have an undergraduate or post-graduate degree. The level of work experience varies as well from people in leadership positions to entrepreneurs, to people who have worked on community-based projects.

This Kaospilot Education is for you if you are ready to:

  • Work with real organisations and real challenges in a rapidly changing world
  • Be challenged both professionally and personally.
  • Explore your strengths and develop your craft.

Make a difference in the world.

Career Opportunities

When you graduate the Kaospilot Education, you graduate with the title Kaospilot. A Kaospilot is an entrepreneur, leader or changemaker. Kaospilots work in different industries where they lead, manage and execute projects in all shapes and sizes. A Kaospilot is often the missing link in any organisation that wishes to drive change and create results.

Examples of areas where Kaospilots work:

  • Organisational development
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Business consulting
  • Project management
  • Process facilitation and leadership

Graduated alumnis go on to work in a variety of industries and sectors: More than 30% of the graduates start their own business and over 50% hold a leadership position. Read more about what you become here.

Frequently asked questions

What is Kaospilot Education?

The Kaospilot Education is a 3 year education offered by Kaospilot where you learn how to lead projects and businesses in the pursuit of making the world a better place.

Who is the Kaospilot Education for?

Kaospilot Education is for everyone who wishes to be a part of a group of people that want to make a difference and are longing for a change.

What do I learn at the Kaospilot Education?

At the Kaospilot Education you learn how to create change and to facilitate a space where people, with a variety of backgrounds, can grow.



Founded: 1991

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Program size:
38 students admitted each year




(Valid from Team 31, starting 2024)

Monthly tuition DKK 3900,-
Paid Quarterly (4 x DKK 11.700,-)

Upfront payment DKK 34.500

Note: When you are receiving SU you are also entitled to an additional  grant up to DKK 2.572,- as you are paying tuition for this education

Funding & Grants:
Danish and EU-citizens are eligible for SU

– the Danish State Educational Grant and
Loan Scheme.
Read more on: www.su.dk/english

Admission requirements:

  • Completed high school education
  • You must be an EU/EEA citizen