We help you design experiences with emotion and purpose that change the way people think, feel and act. Leave with the modern toolbox for understanding, designing and delivering meaningful experiences.


A course for experience designers working in the intersections between customer, brand and employee experiences.

Get a toolbox filled with facilitation methods and design mindsets to create engaging experiences that are authentic, and meaningfully build relationships to your audience.


Learn why experience design is an effective lens to help you navigate through complexity with purpose and clarity, by focusing on the experience of people your organizations serves.


Become a more confident and effective leader and facilitator, through learning the language, mindsets of experience design. Develop the skills that you need as a designer to make good strategic decisions.




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  • You are ready to explore how experience design methods can level up your offerings to customers and or participants in trainings you lead.
  • You are already in the process of transforming the experiences you offer your customers to make them more meaningful, creative & engaging, and want a modern methodology to do it better.
  • You are consultant or change facilitator that wants to develop professionally and harness the power of an experience design approach to creating transformative learning experiences.
  • You work professionally as an experience designer within the tech field, but you want a new and bold perspective on your work. If this is you, the course will enable you to work with more complex challenges, as well as make the application of your knowledge more holistic, and meaningful.




At Kaospilot all teaching is done using Kaospilot educational methods. We are a part of the Learn Experience Design movement, These methods are biased towards action, interdisciplinary collaboration and focused on creating human outcomes through an experiential learning cycle. The backbone of the 3-day program is real world challenges that participants bring into the course. During the 3 days, the challenges will be solved through the creation of unique experience design solutions using the Kaospilot Purpose X Experience Design and 5E Model. Theories are immediately translated into hands on practice and exercises so the participants leave with a practical understanding of everything they learn.



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  • Meaningful User Insights – Learn how to understand and map your customers needs and desires of today and tomorrow, and creating human centered insights to drive profitable opportunities at strategic level.
  • Human Centered Innovation Learn how to apply the experience models to create powerful innovation to your organizations: Branding, Marketing, Sales, and other important user touch-points.
  • Iterative Design Method Learn and put into practice our simple and powerful iterative experience design methodology. You will learn to get tangible feedback fast, test your assumptions and make better experiences through co-designing your solutions with your users.
  • Authenticity – Learn how to access your organizational core value and use this to create unique and authentic leverage against competition.
  • Holistic Application – Learn how to create experience value for your employees as well as your customers through powerful mindsets and methods to drive engagement.



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As markets evolve from commodity-driven to experience driven, opportunities beyond product will continue to expand. We will in an age of, as Fjord has called it, Liquid Expectations. The future of customer experience design will require dynamism and continual evolution.

How will you not just offer innovative experiences, but also create a system that embraces change?
As we move into the age of automation, creativity will be more important than ever. Customers expect experiences not just to be functional, but that they will have a lasting impact on their lives. Customer experience will increasingly be driven by employee experiences that enable employee creativity.

How will your business live up to its creative potential and empower employees to do so as well?
What you do once you have reached the edge of your comfort zone is what sets you apart as an individual and as a leader. As complexity increases in society, we need design leaders that can look at humanities overwhelming challenges, see the opportunities and take action. This will require leaders that are able to grow, push beyond their own blind spots.

How will you as a leader inspire innovation by pushing outside your comfort zone, and enable your team to do the same?







“I have returned back home with a whole community of ‘experience designers’ to network with and a bag of tools of how to design experiences. If you want a WOW, I can highly recommend The Experience Design course.”

Participant Denmark, November 2017 Course




“The KaosPilot Experience Design course blows your mind, touches your heart and plays with you to transform the way you conceive experiences… you will get in touch with the human revolution in experiences. It really changed my life!”

Guilherme Ribeiro Paz, Business Consultant, 2018 Rio Brazil Course




“To have seen experience design without having seen Kaospilot is not to have seen experience design at all, for Kaospilot is the clue to everything.”

Prof. Dr., Kyoichi Murakami, Participant November 2017 Experience Design Course




“I came to this course with an idea of how to use culture & experiences as a driver of integration between all the parts and people of the company I am a part of running.

I left with a fantastic experience concept that is in total alignment with my company´s mind-set and possibilities. And now I am back in Sao Paolo making it a reality with my Brazilian team.

Working in such a creatively and professionally designed & facilitated space of true co-creation with a group of amazing international professionals was in short: a life changing experience!”

Luisa Martini
, Co-founder of FLAGCX, The Creative Disruption Network, Sao Paolo, Brazil



Want to Bring the Course to Your Organization or City?

We have a simple model to bring the course to new organizations or networks. We create an immersive 2-3 day Experience Design program, that can be customized for an individual organization, or delivered as an open signup course. If you think it could be something for you, contact Andy Sontag for an info package: aso@kaospilot.dk



Journey Map Online Tool Program Partner:



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Custellence is a partner of Kaospilots Experience Design professional program, because we love their tools. Alumni from our programs get a discount on Custellence journey mapping tools. Custellence is the flexible and intuitive tool for all kinds of journey maps. Create and present professional maps of your customer journeys, organize and share your insights and collaborate in the tool to create great customer experiences and lasting value.



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November 7-9th 2018 Experience Design Immersion São Paulo, Brazil (FULL)


November 28-30th 2018 Experience Design Immersion Aarhus, Denmark (ALMOST FULL)


December 12-14th 2018 Experience Design Immersion Belgium Castle Edition (ALMOST FULL)


April 3-5th 2019 Experience Design Immersion Aarhus Denmark


June 12-14th 2019 Experience Design Immersion Aarhus Denmark


Custom learning experience for your organization?


For an info package please contact:

Andy Sontag – aso@kaospilot.dk


Courses begin at 09.00 and end at 17.30.

Aarhus Denmark Course map and location



The registration fee for all courses in Denmark is:

€1560 excluding VAT

The registration fee includes materials, lunch, tea/coffee and “brain-food” throughout the program. Accommodation is not included.


  • Fill in the sign-up form (links at top of page).
  • You will receive a mail with further information, once we have reviewed your signup form and accepted your application.







Katja Subrizi Wessling

Katja Proud (1)



Katja has 20 years international experience leading purposeful organizational development and culture to help clients/employers make a meaningful difference. She is a Kaospilot alumni, with experience working at IDEO, Frog, ustwo and has consulted for many fortune 500 companies. Experience design thinking is in her DNA. Her motto is ‘kindness rules’. Read more here.





Andy Sontag (US)


Program Leader Kaospilot Experience Design

Tel. +4552900787

Email: aso@kaospilot.dk


An experience design and innovation consultant, speaker and educator. Bridging the worlds of design and organizational change through consultancy. Andy works for clients globally. Has had the pleasure of being with the Kaospilot Experience Design since the courses inception.