Ambitious new members moved into Kaospilot HIVE during the summer. The project- and coworking community is for entrepreneurs who work in the creative industry. In this article the leader of HIVE and the Kaospilot principal tell more about the concept and thoughts behind the new part of Kaospilot. And one of the new HIVE-members shares her first experiences.





More than a traditional coworking space

Since the beginning of Kaospilot in 1991 the students have worked with projects and clients from the “real world” outside the school. Now the school invites start-ups from the creative industry to join Kaospilot in the project- and coworking community that is called Kaospilot HIVE.


- HIVE is more than just a coworking space. We engage in projects through Kaospilot and everyone in the project- and coworking community gets the chance to contribute. It gives the entrepreneurs the opportunity to work on larger projects because they are in a community with people who have other competencies than themselves, says Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen who is the leader of HIVE and a Kaospilot alumni. He himself is also an entrepreneur and runs the company Postevand that sells tap water on sustainable cartons.


Kaospilot principal Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius says:


- We are a school for leadership and entrepreneurship and naturally we want to help entrepreneurs on their way. At the same time we would also like to give our students the opportunity to have some entrepreneurs near them that they can be inspired by.


Around a third of all Kaospilot alumni become independent entrepreneurs. It is natural for Kaospilot to work in the creative business as around 50 percent of the kaospilots work within this field.


Sparring across sectors

The synergy with the rest of the organisation is not only present in connection with actual projects. The daily contact between the school and the project- and coworking space is a big part of the gain for both the Kaospilot school and HIVE.


- The companies who come here become part of Kaospilot with all its synergies, projects, parties and sparring. Not to mention the energy, network and international perspective of the students, says Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen.


More than 100 students from around the world attend the three-year program at Kaospilot at the moment. At Team 22, which starts later this August students from 11 nationalities will join.


The Kaospilot principal emphasises that the sparring is not only one-way.


- Both staff and students can become inspired by how the entrepreneurs in HIVE are working. It is also the plan that the students can work on HIVE-members’ projects for their assignments at the school, says Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius.


He sees the new project- and coworking community as an obvious idea for Kaospilot.


- It is a natural next step in the development that Kaospilot has been undergoing during the last couple of years. We have moved from Mejlgade in the city centre of Aarhus to the Filmby Aarhus at the harbour and that has given us the space to expand our activities. We are an educational house that work with education and entrepreneurship in many different ways. The three-year program is our core and then we have a series of courses in leadership, entrepreneurship and educational design. HIVE is our latest addition to the family, says Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius.


A project- and coworking community with a shared vision

The entrepreneurs who join HIVE all have certain things in common.


- We want to work on projects that make a positive societal change in the creative industry. This vision is shared by the people who are accepted to join HIVE, says Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen.


- We set a team of ambitious, fairly newly established entrepreneurs who have different competences so that we ensure we can solve assignments together, he says.


Kathrine Laursen, HIVE


The diversity is crucial and also an important reason why Kathrine Laursen recently chose to move into HIVE.


She is educated in business communication and coaching and runs the company Laursen Coaching.


- That we have so many different competences in the same community gives me the chance to work on interesting projects that I wouldn’t have had the chance to work on if I was not part of HIVE. Plus it gives me an insight in other ways of working, says Kathrine Laursen.


The members of HIVE have common sparring meetings to share and give inputs on challenges that other members have.


- I really sense an enterprising and creative vibe here that inspires me. And I look so much forward to exploring the synergy with the kaospilots, says Kathrine Laursen.


The members of HIVE also get the opportunity to join projects with the school and two third-year students will have seats in HIVE to work on their final projects.



Text by Lotte Rystedt, journalist at Kaospilot