ex·pe·di·tion – Noun

1.     A journey or voyage undertaken for a specific purpose, often exploratoryscientificgeographicmilitary or political in nature

2.     The people involved in such a journey or voyage.

Innovation needs creativity, and creativity needs new perspectives, imagination, intuition and insight. What feeds it all, is INSPIRATION.


Join the KAOSPILOT on one of our amazing learning expeditions to a place in the world that is engulfed in creativity and innovation leading to change as a regular occurrence as that city and country strive for new solutions and approaches to old, current and emerging challenges and opportunities.


Great companies are always hunting for inspiration and originality. Explore and find ‘it’ throughout the exploration tour which consists of thought provoking conversations from our amazing local network and facilitated urban investigations. And, very importantly we will support you in anchoring this inspiration towards innovating your ideas, business, vision, processes and organisation.


Our expeditions work on several levels to deliver a powerful and uniquely designed learning experience allowing for personal development as part of an integrated learning journey, which builds on over 20 years from the kaospilot’s executive leadership & entrepreneurial education to inspire new perspectives leading to more developed ideas, scenarios, action and innovations.


We look forward to taking you on this life changing adventure to one of the following places….





The whole tour was well organised and very well lead by nice skilled and experienced people and tour leaders from the Kaospilots. They packaged a high level of information and gave us access to some very interesting speakers, with some challenging and alternative current and futuristic perspectives…” Creative Consultant


We have chosen to work with KaosPilots because they have a great network in Cape Town, and because they have an interesting approach to creating experiences and learning processes.” Public Accountant, Denmark.