The big music festival Northside is taking place in the city of Aarhus this weekend. Kaospilot students are arranging the “Northside Camino”, a path that leads through the Danish city to the festival site. The path is an 800 meters long party and the kaospilot students came up with the theme Flipside for the Camino of this year. Grass roots from “the flipside of Aarhus” will be entertaining along the path.


Northside foto


Flipping the festival kaospilot-style

A knitting bar, skaters, DJ’s, zombies and salsa dancers are among the people that the festival guests can meet on the 800 meters long path of  “Brabrandstien” in Aarhus that leads to the Northside Festival.


Northside has engaged kaospilot students to arrange and decorate the Camino that runs along the river, surrounded by big trees and nature.

The students have teamed up with 14 partners who will be entertaining along the path. The theme of the Camino this year is Flipside.


-  We chose Flipside because we want to show other sides of Aarhus and give people new perspectives on the city, says Astrid Pruitt who is a first year student at the Kaospilot education in Aarhus.


The many partners show different sides of what is going on in Aarhus, and among them are photograpers, physics students and environmental organisations.


-  We want to get Aarhus involved in the Camino, and we are happy to be able to make a space where people can show what they have going on. It will also be a place where you can make new connections regardless of interests. And of course the whole thing is also about having a good time, says Casper Skanderup who is the project leader for the kaospilot students at the Camino.



Getting the city involved in the festival 

At Northside they are happy that the Kaospilot students have entered the collaboration around the Camino.


-  We see the kaospilots as the embodiment of youthfulness, quirkiness and creativity and that is something we want to present for our audience and actually the whole city. We want something diverse for all senses, and we know that the kaospilots are really good at delivering that, says Søren Arnholt from the Northside management.


To Northside the Camino is an important part of the experience they want to give their audience and the city.


-  The Camino is a greeting to the citizens of Aarhus as well as a welcoming to the many Northside guests who come that way. We simply want to give something back to the city and the citizens – also the ones who are not going to Northside. And we hope that the theme Flipside can make even more people want to contribute to the involving event we like the Camino to be.


Kaospilot principal Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius is also happy about the collaboration.

- It is a good learning space for our students and a really good way for us to get involved with the city and Northside. It is a good space for our students and grass roots of Aarhus to inspire each other, says the Kaospilot principal.


For Casper Skanderup it is both a good experience and good learning to be part of leading the Camino because the task is well in sync with studying entrepreneurship and leadership at Kaospilot.


-  I wanted to test myself in a big project and I have learned a lot from having to plan a month ahead while making my business project exam at the school. It will be cool to see all the things we have worked on coming together, says Casper Skanderup.



It is free to join the Camino and there is more about the program here:



Text by Lotte Rystedt, journalist at Kaospilot