IN 2017, based on the development of the first in-house KAOSPILOT educational consultancy started in 2013, the KPLDA was launched to support the urgency and opportunity for validating and spreading the Kaospilot learning approaches, methods, experience, learning’s and philosophy to develop people as catalysts, supporters and leaders of change.

We share all we know about creating experiential, authentic and engaging learning journeys and spaces aimed at accelerating individual and team based learning, creativity, capacity, ambition, leadership, innovation and accountability for self, cultural, strategic and social development. The primary courses are connected to inspire, support and sustain the change needed in tertiary education. Check out the 4 steps here



The Kaospilot’s global experience in designing, supporting and running programs, training and workshop design comes to the fore along with our understanding of international education, trends, projects, teams, collaboration, communication, leadership, innovation and implementation.


All our programs are rooted in our core philosophy and leaning design methodology for INCREASING THE BANDWIDTH FOR CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, ENGAGEMENT & RISK IN EDUCATION through authentic problem based learning, team based pedagogy, shared experiences & reflection. 


The primary methodology & tools we use for designing learning strategies, learning journeys design canvas / graph / Manual and our best design thinking & cross-disciplinary process (aka The ultimate XD method) are here for free & some for a fee.




KPLDA shares primarily as part of our outreach-low cost Ed2Ed work and also through our consulting for-profit work which finances our core focus to to support learning designers to increase the bandwidth for creativity, innovation, engagement & risk in education and allows us to carry out more low & not-for-profit work globally and in emerging societies.


To date we have trained over 3500 educators and trainers, from 40+ countries across the public, private and ngo sectors.



Here are some of our partners (+links) and educations who support KPLDA and who have applied our methodology in creating new breakthrough programs . . .



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So, imagine the knowledge and learning we have attained around global education, trends, challenges, stories, examples and needs. We continually gather these and apply and share them to improve our mission to support educational pioneers and change agents all over the world.


We deliver both open and closed programs that run between 2 & 4 days and insist on diversity in attendance among educators, students, trainers, consultants, faculties, experience, context and subject.



We open source our core methodology for designing experiential, authentic and engaging learning strategies and journeys which aim at accelerating personal growth and team work to explore and embody creativity, leadership, innovation, mindset & values.



If people want to experience the methods in action they can sign up for theses masterclasses (All the courses in this education design suite are listed on this page in right hand column) and attend at the KP HQ or with any of our licensed facilitators in different countries and languages. We work with supporting all levels of education design for schools, colleges, universities and companies.



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Our core purpose and focus is to share our methods and experience for how to create engaged, embodied learning strategies and learning journeys. We provide a suite of courses aimed primarily at the third level education design market. The courses offered were designed to support entire pedagogical and cultural change sequentially from the content up or provide a common framework, methodology and language across and within faculties based on mid-strategy or process towards creating more student centred, autonomous, creative and industry accredited programs, courses and curricula.




Click here to see how THE KPLDA 4 STEPS to REBOOTING YOUR EDUCATION programs can support your proactive next steps towards sustainability, growth and impact.




All our short open and onsite training masterclasses for educators & trainers explore experiential ways of learning in order to inspire, facilitate and design for creativity, innovation & risk in learning spaces & education. The programmes are built around our ‘action based’ training platform that dynamically combines practice, reflection and theory. It will create the opportunity for staff to not only talk about ideas for pedagogical and methodological change, but also practice and develop them! The programme will change your approach, help you grow as an individual /or organization  and gain new perspectives. Read more about the core KP pedagogical platform here




All the courses in this education design suite are listed on this page in right hand column





Participants can apply all the methodology, exercises and tools without cost and with our support in their own institution (only) without license and profit or one of our growing group of trainers will come and run the programs internally across multiple faculties and create a community of pedagogical practice and a high return on investment through the co-development of high quality, curriculum ready content and learning strategies.




We also advise, collaborate and support new educational programs and schools on a national and international level if required in multiple languages: English, Danish, French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese.







Applying the same methods and frameworks from the above courses, we can design, (advise, collaborate, educate & implement) new learning strategies and learning journeys to support any type of subject, faculty or school that wishes to create, sustain and implement a new educational program that can deliver, execute and measure the precise skills, knowledge and attitudes required by industry & society now and in the future.




We prioritise the companies developmental, cultural or strategic goals through a systemic approach, meaning that we work with an organization across departments and generations to train the right people to ensure sustained training quality, impact and measurement by creating ownership of the program by the people giving and receiving it. We do not run or facilitate the courses in the long term, we just support the company & its HR and in-house trainers in designing contemporary and future based learning experiences to create a common language, methodology, culture and ownership of the themes required for the company to grow.





This refers to the role KPLDA takes to support and advise in the role out of an organizations new learning approach & focus. The Kaospilot’s global experience in designing, supporting and running programs, training and workshop design will be provided along with our understanding of international projects, teams, collaboration, communication, leadership, innovation and implementation. All our program are rooted in the same core philosophy* around creating alignment, commitment and direction through authentic problem based learning and embodied experiences.




As externals on the set up, content and delivery:

  • Drafting, proofing and continuous feedback on learning journeys (we recommend that the people involved join the learning design masterclasses)
  • Problem based learning, frameworks, group support, processes & tools.
  • Learning experiences design & strategy to maximise the personal development growth through authentic problem solving experiences.
  • Gamefication, action learning program for maximum engagement, challenge and learning.
  • Levels of evaluation, challenge, risk & complexity on team and individual based professional & personal learning
  • Development of briefs / cases / case-mining,  good examples & assessment
  • Pre-jecting: The art of giving projects the best possible start through creating alignment, commitment, direction, roles & rules, clarification of expectations etc.
  • Working across cultures, diversity, generations and creating a common working language for culture, teams, leaders and projects.
  • Support and asking into progress, potential and future proof methodology & roll out!
  • OUTSOURCED : Digital and interactive learning and webcasting for training purposes and mid-challenge testing and evaluation through Live or on-demand (catch-up) to the desktop, tablet & mobile, viewer registration, Q&As & Polls etc. (this could be more relevant for the larger roll-out where the video and set up cost would be justified)




 As externals in supporting the participants.

  • Running distance pre-jects & building teams
  • Coaching / guidance and sparring for the participants
  • Tools and methods for PBL, creativity, feedback
  • Solving conflicts and staying aligned.
  • Maximize learning experience evaluation through group 2 group and peer 2 peer feedback
  • Virtual/online learning and face time peer 2 peer guidance and sparring.
  • Support in anchoring and applying learning for personal development and growth





With companies who are ready! and who share our overall approach to developing PEOPLE. We believe that the future of NGO, public, corporate and staff development is what we call ELP (Enterprising Leadership Practice) and experienced based and problem based learning (PBL). If done correctly, ELP & PBL can be used to instil a new culture, communication, shard ambition, innovation focus and direction for an entire organization to work and grow laterally and virally to create (new) effective, productive, agile and engaged organizations. This is what the KP are best at.




Therefore, we are also seeking partners with whom we can grow, challenge and expand our methodology and learning philosophy to develop content, experiences and components where we can have greatest impact in support of larger agendas. We could also offer:




  • alignment on progress, potential and future proof methodology – roll out for greater ‘learning agility’
  • max. the personal development growth through authentic problem solving experiences and monitoring and feed-forward of personal & professional development
  • action based learning input based on multiple experiences from doing this 100 different ways over many years – project, leadership, business & process.
  • local and global cultural scaling for how to conduct problem solving in the 21st century
  • how to maximize the potential of projects in a society of constant flux and create a new project concept. from pre-ject to eject!
  • Co.create, design, deliver/facilitate workshops, training and annual meetings and business driven workshops for local and global leadership that can also express the learning philosophy being developed by the trainee committee and learning partners such as the Kaospilot to maximize time, resources and impact of contact/connection time and leverage on collective learning, cross cultural implementation and problem solving.
  • access to our final year students for pedagogical prototyping and sparring
  • Grow your organisation’s internal and global networks and expertise
  • avail of our current executive programs as part of/add-ons to existing or new training programs

All of these can be applied to what ever needs you may have for training purposes and learning outcomes within our core disciplines of PROJECT, LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS & PROCESS DESIGN.









As a European teacher, you may be entitled to apply for Erasmus+, in particular E+ Grants for attending this program at the KAOSPILOT. Please go to your national agency to get more info about this.