The power-trio format has really created some magic in the history of rock. Classic bands like The Jimi Hendrix experience and Cream comes to mind. Now Team 18 adds there very own name to the list of good things that comes in threes: Roys. Behind it is
Anne Sofie Steen Sverdrup, Fredrik Sahlin and Mattias Edström and judging from their cool looks one could be forgiven for thinking that this is the next big thing in indie-music. It isn’t sound that brings them together for their final Kaospilot-project though, their first collective baby is an organic rooibos-tea, but it is a company that aims to have some of the same qualities “indie” had when it actually meant “independent”.

It all started with a deep passion for tea and a trip to South Africa. As members of Team 18 their Kaospilot Outpost went to Cape Town, which got them close to the producers of a very distinct sort of tea. Fredrik explains: We wanted to check out how they make the rooibos tea – the only place in the world where you can grow rooibos is South Africa – so we went there and we lived on the farm and saw how everything was going on. We then got to taste the best tasting drink we have experienced in our life’s which was a rooibos ice-tea.”
Back home they realized that many people wasn’t familiar with the natural sweet and healthy tea that can be brewed from this needle-like plant. It was time to bless Scandinavia with their new favorite fluid. After many experimentations and the with the help of a professional tasting-panel, with several sommeliers and food-professionals involved, they developed their own recipe that added lemon and ginger to the mix. The actual production was put in the experienced hands of a very recognized Danish soft-drink manufacture. Mattias explain: ”Its produced at “Ørbæk” so basically we have partnered with them – they take care of the production according to our specifications. They are very known for high quality organic drinks, so it guarantees us a great product”.
Quality is essential to the trio. Not only when it comes to what is in the bottle, but also in everything that surrounds it. Its all about giving it a little something extra. Anne Sofie declares: “We want to inspire and we want to engage with the local community. We want to involve as many people as possible. That is basically our sense of quality. It is our opinion that products should not just be products it should be something more – it should be an experience it should be inspirational.” One way they are achieving this is trough the look of the bottles. Via a partnership with “Kurato” - another great project that involves Kaospilots – they find young aspiring artists that gets an art-piece printed on the label. The artist will change with each new batch and on this first edition you can feast your eyes on a piece by “Osv”.
Collaboration like that is in the DNA of “Roys”. In their short life the already supported the designer Freya Dalsjø at her recent show during Copenhagen Fashion Week, and students from the MSLS-program in Sweden is doing an in-depth analysis on how to make the product the most sustainable.
All in all it sounds like they are off to a flying start, so what is next for the gang? Anne Sofie answers: “We are really in the process of finding that out. Right now the focus is very much on getting the data from this first batch and really perfecting both the recipe, the visuals elements and also laying out the long term strategies for the business. But hopefully we will be doing a lot of cool things we are passionate about like expanding the assortment and also move into new markets.”.
The current market is Copenhagen. They cherry-picked all the sales-points of the first edition and personally delivered the bottles to the cafes. So finding a “Roys Red” is a treasure hunt on more ways than one: not only will you get to taste the drink you will also know that you are enjoying it in a soulful place. Check one of the 35 “approved dealers” on this map:
Aarhus is not left out. The drink is premiering here this weekend and if you are curious to sample it you can buy it at either “Cafe Drudenfuss” or “Råbar”. The only thing left to say is: “Bottoms up!”