We are not certain that its the Kaospilot education in itself that does it, but many graduates have a deep fascination with education. It is a sector that has been very influenced throughout the years by some of our dedicated alumni, on many levels from basic school all the way up to the university. For a good example look no further than Anniken Sand from Team 15. She is currently using her great combination of entrepreneurial experience and visions on learning to the benefit of Young Enterprise Denmark. She is tackling difficult issues like how to examen entrepreneurs, and how to promote social conscience and environmentally sustainable business-thinking in the entire educational sector for the foundation. In this “Q & A” we hear a bit about where she is coming from, and what the Kaospilot education means to her.


KP: What have you done since you graduated in 2011?


AS: I ran my own company from 2009 – just when I started at Kaospilot – and I continued with that after the year I graduated. Then I was working at a school in Oslo to build up a democracy program for their students. I also did some projects in Sweden and Norway during the summer in the same area – democracy – about how to involve youth, and being engaged in your society. I then decided to move to Copenhagen and I got a job at The Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise (http://www.ffe-ye.dk/) that works with entrepreneurship-education in Denmark, so that is what I am doing right now.


KP: So you have been quite around and you moved between several cities and countries. What kind of importance has your Kaospilot education had for you during that time?


AS: It’s hard to say exactly what is has meant to me, but I am quite sure that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t done that education. I never had the idea that I would start my own company for instance – now that is my dream for the future to run  a company that do social good for society.  I think about that I am a Kaospilot every day so it has somehow defined who I am, among the people I am around there is a lot of Kaospilots and  in my network is a lot of Kaospilots so it is almost overwhelming in that sense – and I don’t think I would have had that if I had continued my university degree that I had started before the Kaospilots ‘cause I don’t identify myself with the university.


KP: What was it you were studying before you made the switch?


AS: I was studying development studies. So I was into like “globalization” and “how can we save the world?” but I didn’t believe I could save the world reading books so I wanted an education that was more practical so that was the reason for starting at the Kaospilots.


KP: Now a couple of years down the line having been out on the job-market for a couple of years – if you should give any sort of suggestion to anybody wishing to apply and being in doubt weather or not they are the kind of person Kaospilot is looking for – what would you suggest?


AS: I would tell them to apply if they want an education that help them get in to the real world the second they start at the school. If you don’t want to wait with working until after your education, when you are at the Kaospilots you work from day one, and you have a network when you are done, you have a good CV when you are done, and a lot of contacts when you are done and that is the reason why I have a job today I think. I got a network from the first day I started at the school, the client I had during my process semester hired me for one year after I was done,  I earned money while I went trough the education. There was so many possibilities to fulfill your dreams and do projects that you never thought you would do. You dare to think big at the school. Yeah… that’s is a really, really cool education if you want to get started not just wait.


KP: So you are already part of “it” once you are at the school?


AS: Yeah, I think so. You get part of the community once you start, and you can also form the education how you want it to be. If you are into social entrepreneurship you can focus on that, if you are into fashion you can focus on that or if you are into starting project – you can do that – or if you want to be a leader you can focus on that. You can really form it the way that you want it to be.


KP: And find your direction?


AS: Find your direction, yeah!


KP: Thank you so much Anniken – a pleasure meeting you!