Nathan Shedroff is a business thinker who works to prepare and inspire the next generation of innovation leaders. He comes to Kaospilot to challenge the third year students in exploring the intersection of business and design.

Meet him here in our series of interviews with the many guest lecturers we are blessed to have teaching at Kaospilot.


What is the essence of the work you do?

Mostly, I’m interested in investigating the intersection of design and business and how each can teach the other important lessons. I look at this from different perspectives. Lately, I’ve explored, more and more, the need to rethink what business does and how it does it. Over the past century, the business world has lost sight of many important truths, which impact it’s ability to function successfully and in concert with the rest of society. Design can help illuminate where the best change right come from.

How have you collaborated with Kaospilot?
I’ve come to Kaospilot for the past 3-4 years to work with the students and challenge them to think about design, business, and sustainability in new ways. I’ve always been impressed with the students here, how smart, open, and kind they are with each other, and me. I’m fortunate to be able to come here and share my experience and insight with this community.

What would you like the students to take with them from your classes?

That, in order to be change-agents (and no matter what that change is), they must focus on new forms of value and the relationships and experiences that enable that value. Kaospilots have an unprecedented opportunity to lead change in the world, in all aspects of life, and they need a diverse set of skills to successfully do that and the courage to see ways of doing things differently—doing things in better ways.

- and what do you take with you from the Kaospilot students?

I always leave here with more enthusiasm and optimism, as well as a better understanding of what concerns young people about the world and their futures.
What are the most important questions that young aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs should ask themselves?
How is it that I want to be in the world and how can I help build the world I envision? How can I help others create change and improve their lives?
What inspires you in your own work?
No matter how much we’ve accomplished, there is always more to do. There is no end to interesting people and challenges.
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