At his very first meeting with the Kaospilot students, Robert Fortunato was convinced that these were people who believed they could change the world. For the past seven years he has been coming back to teach leadership, strategy, innovation and client development. He is also an innovator and has created the company Green Idea House based on inspiration he got at Kaospilot.

Meet him here in our series of interviews with the many guest lecturers from all around the world that we are blessed to have teaching at Kaospilot.



How was your first meeting with Kaospilot? 


- In advance of coming to teach for the first time, I read the Kaospilot A – Z book.  I was impressed with the philosophy of the school and the things the school was doing in the world.  When I came to teach for the first time, they assembled about 100 students in the auditorium for my class.  I explained that I had read the book and asked: “Is it true that you think you can change the world?”  Immediately, there was an overwhelming roar of “YES!”  I was hooked.


What questions would you ask as the most important for yourself and your work?


- Being persistent enough to ask the 5th “why” is difficult, but rewarding.  In doing so you risk being seen as naive, unknowing or just plain “not getting it”.  But that level of questioning tends to examine the root cause in a way that opens new possibilities for an innovative approach.


What inspires you in your work?


- The question reminds me of the old axiom “You can’t motivate anyone; but you can create an environment in which people derive motivation”.  The Kaospilot school is one of those places that curates an inspirational experience for everyone involved – students, teachers and administrators alike. I am honored to be part of it and learn as much as I teach every time I am there.


Related to that, I have started a ritual that every time I go to teach at Kaospilot I reserve a day to travel to some of the most sustainable places in Scandinavia. That ritual, in conjunction with watching students work through their projects, inspired our Green Idea House project.


What inspiration would you offer to young, aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make a positive change in the world?


- Going out in the world and doing what others can’t takes a certain amount of ego. That is necessary to get done what needs to get done as a transformational leader.  Just continually monitor that ego and make sure it is in service of something bigger than yourself and that ego.  As you get more successful it becomes harder to find people who will tell you that you are going off track. Cultivate honest, supportive relationships early and foster those relationships. Kaospilot is a great place to do it.


More about Robert:

Robert is a business-, leadership- and innovation consultant

Also, he is a TEDx speaker, community builder, and graduate from the Wharton School of Business.

His company The Green Idea House is a community built around the idea that anyone can build with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind, and that it should actually cost less.

He is President of ForStrategy Consulting that helps businesses achieve their goals around profitability, innovation, competitive advantage and organizational effectiveness.