Continuing our series of posts that highlight the amazing talent found here at our incubation hub at Kaospilot in Filmby Aarhus, we want you to meet Katrine Mark.
We asked Katrine some quick questions and this is what she replied….



“Tell us what your company does?  And the next step that lies ahead?”


Katrine Mark Graphics has worked with the visual expression across multiple platforms for two and a half years. As an ordinary full-service agency I work with marketing, promotions, advertising, branding and identity design of products, projects or companies.


Additionally I do a lot of designs for wallpapers, furnishing fabrics and similar. I’m educated as a Decorator years back and have plenty of experience in creating prints for windows, exhibition stands as well as  simple wall-art.


The next step is just around the corner – as in NOW! – I’ve renamed my business ‘HolyMoly’ and merges a few new milestones in the development. I’m looking forward to show you some brand new stuff on which is going be my summer project. Already now you can see the first official sneak peak of my new brand.


“What’s your best advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?”


Don’t be too serious. I have tend to myself, and it’s just not as fun then. Try to calm yourself  and learn to deal with the never–knowing–what–tomorrow–brings is a pretty good thing! Identical days and fixed frames are no longer a part my working day. On the other hand, it’s fun, a great feeling and brings a lot of freedom and flexibility.


“Do you have a current or coming culture event you would like to recommend to others?”


I will definitely walk along the waterfront at Marselisborg to see Sculpture by the Sea. It’s not all how I understand “art” but it’s a beautiful walk anyway – and it’s free. The exhibition is happening now and runs until July 5.


June 15 I might like to visit Plotteriet ‘Thesis print spring 2015 city’ as the print-geek I am.


June 16 I will be stating the day in the cinema Øst for Paradis to see ‘Cannes Prediction’ - a presentation of trends in commercial films where they show a number of the biggest candidates in this year Lion awards in Cannes. It has become a tradition and is always a really fun and enjoyable experience, with baths laughter and tears.


June 18 I’ll be going to the elections with my mind on making a big green splash on my mind …


The rest of the summer is full of festivals – see you there.


“How do you see your contributions to HIVE and what would you like to contribute to the collective?”


I personally have a good network and I have an eye for seeing how other people can use each other so I will definitely use that. I’m a part in other organized business networks and co-founder of the graphic network GratVærk. I have been on various boards and get around a lot, so there must be some useful connections for someone.


My own creative and imaginative abilities will be reflected in the surroundings and I will be open to give design-advice to everyone around – in whichever way I can contribute … but you should only ask if you can bear to hear the truth – that’s just how I  am.

…and I’m pretty powerful in Adobe – so please ask – then I’ll show off!


I’ve been working for WorldPerfect in the past so don’t come green washing near me – but come see my paper made of stone and other weird green ideas.