Continuing our series of posts that highlight the amazing talent found here at our incubation hub at Kaospilot in Filmby Aarhus, we want you to meet Maria Refsgaard from Krims. We asked Maria some quick questions and this is what she replied….




“Tell us what your company does? And the next project that lies ahead?”


Krims works with graphic design. I, Maria Refsgaard, have currently been my own boss for a year and a half – but I’ve been working in the graphic industry for more than four years. Krims designs visual identities, logos, magazines, websites, packaging and much more. Furthermore I shoot photos for clients to use on their websites and various marketing materials.


Every design has a stressed emphasis on the common theme. Some of the upcoming assignments are, designing the packaging for a parasol stand, designing the visual identity for a new cosmetics brand, and decorating and making HIVE a fantastic place! It will be fun!


What’s your best advice for upcoming entrepreneurs? 


1. Follow your gut feeling. If it feels right in your stomach, it’s often right (for you!) in the real world.
2. It is always a good thing to have a goal, but smaller milestones and short to-do lists can also add a sense of productivity and success. Pretty good feeling, right?
3. Share your knowledge and listen to the people around you. Give advice (of relevance) to the person in front of you. Sharing is caring and it pays back the day you need it.
4. Network! Join everything from a facilitated network, a companys “Fridays-bar” or your uncles 40th birthday. Most of your customer relations are created by networking, so dont hide behind your computer.
5. Treat yourself well, have fun and do what you do best! Outsource what you need others to do.


Do you have a current or coming culture event you would like to recommend to others? Something that inspires you?


The next event I’ll be participating in is Creative Mornings – on the last friday of every month, and every time with a new theme and a passionated speaker – always inspiring!
Other than that I will be having myself a good time, and listening to some music, at Grim Fest. The best source of inspiration and creativity is always when you step out of your everyday life and environment (and all the digital monitors!)


How do you see your contribution to HIVE and what would you like to contribute to the collective?


My creative mind can be of help with inputs for the other businesses in HIVE – both in terms of generating general ideas and specific assignments.
I love creating comfortable and visually appealing spaces, and I intent to do that at HIVE. Furthermore I always have lots of smiles and hugs for everyone, and I am pretty talented when it comes to finding upcoming Friday-bars.. I bet we’ll have a lot of fun!