One of the beauties of travelling is making new friends. Take for instance our “Outpost” in Cape Town, South Africa 2013, where local musician extra-ordinaire Gazelle ( introduced us to Maquise Stillwell.  We are glad he did. Maquise is the principal of Open Box (, a creativity boosting company out of New York City. Since we met the first time, we have already reconnected with him on three different continents. Even though he obviously keeps a busy schedule, he do find the time to drop by Aarhus and sprinkle us all with a bit of cosmopolitan stardust from time to time.


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Photo by: bespoke cph


Marquise is the Founder and Principal of Openbox. As a business designer and developer for more than two decades, he brings innovation and strategic planning to the Openbox vision in the fields of investing, product development, and technology. Marquise also works in creative leadership, teaching with the Kaos Pilot in Denmark and South Africa to help students learn by doing.


A stalwart supporter of the arts, Marquise champions such organizations as the Joyce Theater, the New Museum, and MCA Denver for their ability to inspire exploration and empower creative cultures. He also serves on the board of the Lowline Underground Park and advisory board of the Andrew Goodman Foundation and is a mentor to Geeks Without Borders and the Girls & Boys Club.


Marquise is passionate about the power of design, and has a boundless curiosity for life. You can find him riding his bike through the streets of Manhattan, doing his part to build a greener urban future.


What is it that you are going to do (or have been doing) at Kaospilot?

At Kaospilot I have taught design thinking and brand methodology through the lens of curiosity and vulnerability. This approach allows students more freedom to apply their technical skills and think outside the box.



What was your experience or what do you hope will come out of it?

My experience is that I always learn more by teaching and through the exchange of new and exciting ideas with students.



What kind of questions do you consider to be most important for you and your work?

The most important thing for me is centered on quality and culture and how we set a standard for excellence and building a culture that connects to the human condition.



What inspires you in your work?

Curiosity and vulnerability are what inspire the work that I do. It’s important to be exposed to many forms of thinking and a wide variety of objects and places.



What kind of advice or tip would you offer to young, aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs that want to be a positive force for the world?

My advice to aspiring leaders is to live your life like it matters, to always find ways to forgive and most importantly