Kaospilot Hive in Filmby Aarhus is not only home to an abundance of amazing talent, but also full of awesome collaborators who on a daily basis help create the environment in which entrepreneurs can thrive, grow and develop their competencies. One of these collaborators is Shareplay Manager Kristian Krämer who we caught for some quick questions and this is how he replied….



For people without any knowledge about Shareplay and Interactive Denmark, could you please briefly explain what their main objectives are?


If I could begin with Interactive Denmark which is a national initiative, the main focus is to support Danish companies, start-ups and individuals in the creative digital sector who produce interactive services and products such as games, digital learning tools, teaching aids and e-health.

Interactive Denmark particularly works with business development, raising capital, internationalization and creating networking opportunities for companies within this sector.


In contrast to Interactive Denmark’ national focus on creating more than 2000 jobs within this sector, Shareplay’s work is instead anchored in the Central Jutland Region, the North Jutland Region and supporting these particular geographical areas.

Similarly to the overall goal of Interactive Denmark, Shareplay is constantly searching for opportunities to work with and across different media and diverse industries.

Through this we attempt to motivate, stimulate and innovate the interactive digital creative sector in hopes of securing growth and creating jobs.


Previously we have helped facilitate the accelerator program START UP BUZZ which last year packed a bus full of awesome entrepreneurs and took them on a 5-day modern educational journey. We hope to continue to support aspiring entrepreneurs and help improve their qualifications with courses such as pre-SOLID which in cooperation with Hive will be organized 3 times this year.



What is your interest in Hive? Where is the value for you and how do you benefit from supporting the incubation environment at Hive?


Well… I would like to emphasize that Shareplay’s involvement in Kaospilot Hive is more than just financial support and rather should be seen as a partnership, which has the goal of helping small companies developing their competencies and thereby grow.

Through this, we hope that the companies grow to such an extent they can qualify to be part of the SOLID program and following courses.


With the current growth and development within the digital and interactive sector, we hope to find young and up-coming companies full of potential. Whereas the SOLID program is directed towards companies who to some extent are established and already has launched one commercial product, our interest in Hive should be a seen as a pre-SOLID initiative that can help us identify talented companies occupied with digital interactive products and services.


Last by not least, is there anything you would like to add?


I would of course recommend anyone who currently isn’t part of the Shareplay network to sign up for our online community which currently has more than 1200 members who all are involved with digital visual industry.


By signing up you will not only be able to keep up with the developments within the sector, but also be notified about all the activities, services and upgrading courses available.