There is a given in our everyday life we often forget to acknowledge: Our buildings. When was the last time you showed appreciation towards the floorboards and plastered walls that keeps you snug and comfortable no matter the conditions outdoor? Its about time we show a little love for our constructional stronghold,  so lets hear it for our trusted companion: The building at “Filmbyen 2”, that let us jump on its floors, dance on its stairs and whose walls so often echoes from hectic applause.


KP: Hi “Filmbyen 2”! Thank you for taking the time off to talk to us. You are quite new in the Kaospilot-history so maybe you could start by sharing a little about your history.


TB:  My pleasure – I wasn’t going anywhere… (laughs) My history is not that long actually. I was build back in the late 90’s as part of “Filmbyen” – a sort of media-hub – made by the municipality of Aarhus. Me and my twin-sister, Filmbyen 4, was home to a big ad agency called Zupa-Recommended. She had – and still has – their creative agency and inside me lived a digital print company – we still sometimes joke that I am the one who is good with paperwork (laughs). Well, things seem to change fast in that business and not so long ago all these young people – and a couple of not so young ones – started hanging out on my floors.


KP: How have you experienced the switch from being inhabited by professionals to now being a space for students?


TB: I must correct you a little – people warned me that KP was a little sloppy with the facts (laughs). I am actually still very much a house for professionals – they are just younger. Quite some of my floors are taken up by talents from the media-industry. They sit together at my two top-floors in something they call “Talentfabrikken” – (The Talent-factory). Right beneath them are some people called “Gotfat Production”, and then there is all the people working at the two educations in the house; Multi-platform Storytelling at VIA and then you lot at Kaospilot – I am in a good mood today so lets call you professionals as well(laughs). You guys are taken up quite some of my space with your six floors. But I guess you wanted to know about the students. I don’t really pay too much attention to what people are doing inside of me – as long as they don’t hurt me – but the way I see it I seem to be a place for creative activities. That was the same in the past, but now its a little louder – and the former guys didn’t do as much “alternative” ding-dong-stuff like jumping around screaming and doing yoga in the morning (laughs).



KP:  It is quite known that Kaospilot historically speaking is very connected to their old building in Mejlgade -  right in the middle of the creative Latin quarters in Aarhus. What kind of role do you think you will play in the Kaospilot legacy?


TB: I got mine – don’t worry about his! No, I was just trying to be a little – what is it you call it “streetwise”? (laughs). I am not planning to compete. Mejlgade was their cradle. There is a bond there that cannot be broken, but now is just a different time. My hood may look shitty right now with all that construction going on, but just wait and see! In a few years time I am the hip shit in this village (laughs) No seriously, I got the media-people, I got a new fancy public library just up the street, I am right next to all the fashion-companies, I may have a cafe coming soon, there all kind of festivals happing down here in the summer….this hood is also creative. Bro, you better believe it! (laughs). But its really quite simple: I think me and Kaospilot is a beautiful fit. I am strong and sturdy – you need to be that to host such a rowdy bunch (laughs) – and we get along very well already! The students are digging the view from my rooms and my internet just work – sorry Mejlgade but I got you on that one (laughs). I am looking so much forward to the coming years, and so should all the new ones. We are going to have a heck of a time figuring out what we can do together! My rooms, your dreams – damn man, I am getting poetic here! (laughs).



KP: That can happen to the best. Any final remark to your new inhabitants now you got the chance?


TB: Maybe just: Welcome on board! And please wipe those feet before you enter the staircase, and leave the elevator to the lazy bastards – just had to say it! (laughs).