One characteristic that is shared by most Kaospilots is an un-quenchable thirst for new knowledge, more skills and fresher perspectives. Even though the days when students are participating in lectures and workshops at our home-base in Aarhus, is scheduled to end at 16.00. the learning doesn’t stop. Kaospilot has always been a community eager to share “the new” but know-how often stayed within the walls. Up till recently that is. The move to a building with different possibilities also proved to open up for a great new platform: K-lab

Its an elegant learning-laboratory that takes off where the tightly fit curriculum of the school  ends – and everyone is invited. Behind this small but significant innovation is the Kaospilot-students, who exclusively host and curate all that happens under this banner. Most lecture & workshop-based events often takes place in the late afternoons, but mornings are also put into play when the “early birds” gather pre-class for a good psychical workout through yoga or 5-rhythm-dance. What makes it truly spectacular is that it all happens in the room with Aarhus‘ arguable best view: 6th floor at Filmbyen 2.

K-lab is truly co-created and feels more like an open movement than a tight organisation, but if we have to single out one student who really had a significant role in making the ball roll it must be Tue from Team 18. In his first year at Kaospilot he was part of a group that was given the task to help re-think how the school could be more open to the public and possibly use some of the “heated space” for activities that the city would enjoy. Kaospilot has always been notorious in Aarhus for wild parties, but maybe it could also show a different – dare one say more sensitive – face to the outside. Morten from the Kaospilot-staff was behind the brief. He did some tests himself with experimental jazz-concerts and even had the luck of bringing the legendary DJ Rupture to the school during the Mejlgade-era, but the attempts never really took off on a larger scale, and the idea was slowly left behind.

But Tue  – now in his third year – could still sense the potential. He got the idea to invite some of the lectures that was already in the house to show another side of themselves in a string of informal “after-hours”-sessions: ”A lot of the people that comes through our doors here are extremely talented, and a lot of them are quite geeky and passionate about what they do. So what we invite them to do is both share what they do in their lectures with the other teams and people from the city, but some of them also have passions that are “outside” their field of work. So we invite them into the space to bring forward what they want to share of good stories.” he explains.

An example is not hard to recall:”We had Nathan Shedroff talking about design-strategies and strategic-foresight in design on the team, and then in the evening he shared quite a brilliant lecture about his passion for science-fiction, and how you can foresee the emergent future through comics.” Its not only words that is shared, some K-lab sessions turns into elaborate sensorial experiences: “A food-lab was arranged by Rasmus from Team 20 where a great girl from Milan – Sara Furlani – wanted to test out her thesis on how we perceive food when we shut down some of the senses. People sampled various flavours of artificially fruit-flavoured yoghurt, and had their preconceived notions of what is eatable stretched by tasting odd types of food blindfolded”.

Meanwhile the responsibility for keeping the K-lab flame alive has been spread among all the students – a beautifully lightweight structure that keeps the curation fresh and the selection wide. There is  only one dogma that Tue hopes will remain once he has left the school: ”I really wish that it stays completely open and completely free”.

“K-lab” is alive when all the students are in Aarhus from September till November, and re-emerge from February till March. What the future holds for the program is of course unknown, but rumor has it that neo-classical concerts, advanced dinner-experiences and hands-on skill-sharing is in the pipeline along with different talks and workshops by some of our great guest-teachers and students. If you want to join its easy. Tue finishes off by telling you how: “We advocate on the Kaospilot Facebook and via our webpage (www.kaospilot.dk/k-lab) and if you follow them you can always see what is going on in the house. You dont need to sign up you just show up. Everyone is truly welcome”.