MetaNoia – The Great Shift




The project is a response to a global societal need. A need for change towards a civilization that is sustainable. Our planet is under pressure and is rapidly changing in ways that are increasingly unpredictable. This may have severe and potentially devastating consequences for societies, around the globe. It is time to take responsibility to integrate the human lifestyle with Nature and the implicit order of our world.


The Alternative is a political platform with a clear mission to positively contribute to realize a sustainable civilization globally. We have initiated the organization in Denmark with a division functioning as a political party. We want Denmark to be the leading and pioneering example for other nations to follow in this international endeavour calling for both leadership and collaboration. The strategic focus for the first year of this substantial project is two-fold:


To gain public support and collect enough validated signatures (declarations of support) to formally be able to run for The Danish Parliament.


To develop and communicate a visionary, feasible, creative and desirable political programme full of concrete solutions supporting the political purpose of this project. A political plan that is persuasive enough to convince voters and other politicians to let us have increasing influence on the political agenda.


In a close partnership, I have been the main responsible leader for strategic objective # 2.


This work has involved everything from planning the process, developing the organization and setting goals and deadlines as well as defining criteria for success. The work has also involved development of the organization; including recruiting, mobilization as well as quality insurance and productivity management. We believe that more people know more and better together and that engagement and collaboration are vital elements of democracy. We have worked with the continual objective of involving as many citizens as possible, in the development process of creating the concrete content for our political programme. Part of my work has, therefore, revolved around development of an effective, iterative and scalable engagement process concept for citizen-driven social innovation.


Over a period of 5 months, we managed to design and establish an organization, of more than 60 people, which executed more than 20 workshops, engaging more than 700 individual citizens, which collectively resulted in a concise 70-page programme, spanning over 7 political focus areas. The result has been named the most fresh and visionary political document in recent Danish politics. This statement came from one of the nations most seasoned traditionalist political analysts.


Professionally, what are the most important things you have learned, as a result of carrying out this project?


How to perform HR work; recruit, involve and manage ownership and expectations.


How to create and facilitate engagement processes that has the potential to involve many stakeholders and distribute ownership.


How to practice conversational leadership, on a daily basis, using dialogue as core process for engaging with relevant stakeholders.


How to work as a program director; planning and managing long-term complex projects towards clear objectives.


How to engage and lead volunteers around a shared purpose.


How to practice strategic planning & scenario planning a complex context.


That engagement in conversations is what makes us human and what upholds democracy.


What are the most important things that you have learned, about yourself, as a result of carrying out this project?

That I have a high capacity for complexity. That I thrive in non-linear processes. That there is a limit to my capacity related to the duration of high intensity and high levels of complexity. That I love simplicity and focus. That I have an exceptional ability for keeping focus, being resilient and locking in on objectives, in order to see them through. That commitment and motivation is related to my ability to find meaning within work and identify myself with values practiced. That it is important for me to have time to reflect and inquire with myself when working in intense and demanding circumstances. That I am a natural leader & strategic thinker. That I am a natural process and systems thinker. That I need to trust my instinct and grow even more confident. That I am generous. That I am honest and outspoken. That I love to learn. That I am good at learning. That I have yet a lot to learn…