KAOSPILOT is looking for a Team Leader for our 3-year programme: Enterprising Leadership

As a Team Leader at KAOSPILOT, your primary responsibility is to design and support the students of the 3-year programme’s learning journey, in a lively and changing environment where the working language is English. You will be responsible for designing learning frames and facilitating different learning spaces for the students, in collaboration with fellow Team Leaders – including exams and project periods. 

As a Team Leader, you have the responsibility for daily activities with the team of students and you are in charge of the team’s overall educational design, which is based on the programme’s curriculum and grounded in our particular pedagogical approach, and vision for the programme and the KAOSPILOT organisation.

Your assignments as a Team Leader include:

  • Educational Design: Designing the overall learning journey for teams of students, in accordance with the curriculum.
  • Designing & Planning: Planning and organising the execution of the education, including booking lecturers and other administrative assignments.
  • Opportunity Development: Finding opportunities to connect with relevant projects, people, companies, or other institutions across the globe. Creating opportunities for students to gain practical experience and relevant connections.
  • Designing & Leading Learning Process: Designing and hosting learning processes for the entire team.
  • Guidance & Coaching of the Students: Guiding project groups in their work with clients or stakeholders, and individuals in their work and learning journey.
  • Community Building: Both formally and informally, contributing to the vitality of the overall KAOSPILOT community and culture.
  • Travel: Flexibility for seminars, social/networking events, outpost travel (3-4 months) etc.
  • KAOSPILOT Organisation: Being a part of unfolding the strategy of KAOSPILOT and the maintenance of the organisation.

As a Team Leader, you will be working in Learning Zone, which is the name of the department running the 3-year Enterprising Leadership programme. It consists of five Team Leaders and one Educational Manager, who oversees the department. Learning Zone is closely connected and works in collaboration with the rest of the organisation.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is passionate about designing and leading learning spaces for our students.
  • Has experience and knowledge within the fields of Project Management and Business Development.
  • Is an outgoing person with an entrepreneurial mindset, who loves creating new relations, as well as project opportunities with external partners, across different countries.
  • Has experience with facilitation, teaching, and/or guidance of teams and individuals.
  • Is robust and able to work in a dynamic working environment, both independently and in collaboration with co-workers.
  • Is an energetic and inspiring person, who wants to contribute to sustainable change.
  • Has experience with leading and guiding people to fulfil their potential.
  • Speaks and writes fluent English.

We are looking forward to meet YOU!

Deadline for application Friday the 11thof January 2019 – at 12.00 CET time. 

The job is a full-time position and will ideally start from the 1stof April 2019.

Interviews will take place in Aarhus, Denmark (or over Skype) the 24thand 25thof January 2019.

Please fill out the application online – it is possible to attach files. The application must be in English.


KAOSPILOT is a self-governed institution situated in Aarhus, established in 1991. It serves as an educational platform and community for creative leaders, social entrepreneurs, and change-makers alike. KAOSPILOT offers a variety of professional programmes where the 3-year Enterprising Leadership Programme is our flagship. KAOSPILOT also runs a creative agency and a project space.

For more information about us:

Link to the curriculum

If you have any questions related to the position, please feel free to contact:

Educational Manager, Kis Jakobsen:

Team Leader, William Hewett:

Phone +45 86129522