The pedagogical platform at Kaospilot is a dynamic interplay between the aspirations of students and participants, the programme’s stated learning objectives, the actual projects around which teaching is constructed, and the lecturers, trainers and team leaders who are responsible for its design.


There is a clear and deliberate similarity between our pedagogical strategy and the qualities we want to promote in our students and participants. That approach is built on the following four pillars.



In conjunction with the choice of projects and methods, most of our teaching is intended to be experimental, like a research-oriented laboratory. The aim is not only to acquire and transfer existing knowledge, but also to develop new knowledge and new perspectives.



Our approach is goal-directed and rooted in reality. All of our programmes explore current and potential trends within their fields of study. At the same time, students and participants are encouraged and supported to find their own fields of interest, imagine their own desired futures and values, and test theories and methods to achieve that change.



Learning primarily comes from first-hand experience, and the active participation of students is central. Learning is supported and enhanced by reflection on these experiences. Practice within real-time environments encourages not only an increasing level of aptitude, but also a new understanding of the world.



An enterprising approach empowers students and participants by taking the individual as a starting point and developing a learning environment in which they can move themselves towards new learning, rather than be directed as such. Our programmes and culture are strong on imagination and initiative, and encourage our students and participants to show the same qualities.




When you first get acquainted with the Kaospilots, you quickly become aware of the strong culture here. It is a culture based on shared values that creates a sense of identity, an energy and a presence of both students and staff. The programme design is supported by some fundamental beliefs and attitudes that guide our work in line with our purpose and towards the realization of our mission.



We strive to make it motivating, creative and constructive to be at the Kaospilots.



We strive to work with real problems, real people and real needs – because the real world needs real learning, and real learning needs the real world.



We strive to keep in touch with what is happening at street level in society, and to possess the wisdom and know-how for maneuvering in the worlds of both culture and business.



We strive to be brave, to step forward, to experiment and to challenge our own fears.



We strive for cohesion, coherence and dynamic interplay between content and form, the individual and the community, the local and the global, praxis and theory.



We strive to alleviate the suffering of other people.




Our purpose is positive social change though personal growth and enterprise.




To be the best school for the benefit of the world.

We want to grow an extraordinary school in which people love to learn and love to create.


We want to make a place and a space in which creative people become creative leaders, and where ideas, dreams and values become reality.


The world is not short of lack challenges, or opportunities. What we need are people who can create new solutions and act with empathy within complex and turbulent situations.


This is an ambitious mission, and it can be understood in many ways. But first and foremost it means considering at all times the world’s needs and potential, and balancing them with the needs and potential of the individual. We envisage a school that gives its students the power to consider what kind of society they want to be part of, teaches them to use their abilities to create the change they want to see, and gives them the skills to act on their dreams.