Powerful Presence



Learn and train basic skills for authentic communication



The two-day professional course, Powerful Presence, will make you a better communicator by strengthening your courage, your desire and your skills to express yourself. Through practical exercises you will learn fundamental techniques for effective and personal communication. You will be trained in how to use your body and voice, you will expand your repertoire of expressions and you will strengthen your natural authority when you speak.


You will be equipped with essential tools that allow you to discover intrinsic qualities in your current communication practices and help you reinforce and develop these qualities moving forward. This course is not about the perfect pitch – it is about the perfect presence and connection.


There is a maximum of 10 participants in this course and therefore time and space to focus on the individual learning in a collective setting.




The leader of the course will create a safe learning environment where you will be training fundamental communication techniques and you will be building a foundation for your individual, daily practice.


During the course, you will be working and practising with your fellow course participants, including:


  • How to position yourself and use the geography of the space
  • How to use the full spectrum of your voice
  • How to become familiar with your own expression
  • How to become more musical in your communication
  • How to give feedback to support learning and growth




This professional course is for teachers, entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants, professionals, activists and others who have an urge to express something close to their heart and who want to become more authentic and effective communicators.  




As a participant in this course, you will:


  • Strengthen your courage, desire, and skills to express yourself
  • Learn fundamental techniques for personal communication
  • Expand your repertoire of expressions, including use of body and voice
  • Discover intrinsic qualities in your communication practices
  • Build a foundation for your individual daily practice





”It works! Kristin is extremely brave on her own and others behalf. She sets the bar high but made me feel safe all the way through.”


Pernille Bandholm Jacobsen


”This was an educational course with simple and effective tools that enabled me to create powerful presence and be in dialogue and aligned with one’s audience and one self.”


Morten Kreilgaard


”To think that with simple exercises it is possible to embark on something that is so difficult. It has been fun, alleviating, and challenging and I have personally gained more courage. It was really fantastic to use my body as well.”


Lene Sick Ejlertsen



“Kristin creates an engaging and safe space that allows one to work with oneself. With effective tools, you will get grounds for working with your personal presence – also when you you’ve left the course.”


Signe Brandenborg Andersen





The unique KAOSPILOT methodology is based on an action-oriented approach that combines individual and collective learning. Through playful, real-life experimentation you learn mindsets and tools to engage the whole human being and create meaningful change in organizations and in society.




The next course will be held December 3rd – 4th 2020 in Aarhus. Denmark



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670,- Euro plus VAT


Kristin Birkeland

Kristin Birkeland is an experienced teacher, leader and consultant and for more than 20 years she has worked with creativity in education and in organizations. She is a former student and team leader at Kaospilot and is recognized for her expertise in building strong learning cultures in teams. Kristin is also co-founder of the the NGO ‘Citizen Change’ (Sager der Samler) which has become a national point of reference for the innovative potential of citizen mobilization and is a member of the ‘OECD Innovative Citizen Participation Network’.



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