Green Community Lab

an innovative initiative in Aarhus by Kaospilot, mixing social and climate responsibility with personal development. A free opportunity for you funded by the Tuborg Foundation


Green Community Lab is an innovative initiative by Kaospilot in which a group of 20 young people through four workshops, sparring and community will learn about how to co-create socially and environmentally regenerative projects in Aarhus while cultivating personal and professional leadership skills.

Are you between 20-30 years old, eager to make a change socially and environmentally in the city of Aarhus, and do you want to be a part of a cool community of like-minded young people? Then Green Community Lab is something for you!

We are looking for a diverse group of participants who are everyday experts in the challenges and opportunities which they themselves, their community and city face.

You do not need significant previous experience with project management, advanced English nor Danish skills, and the course is for free.

We do ask of you to commit to participating in all our four full-day workshops, a small amount of group activities between the workshops plus the final event in which we present our projects to our community and relevant collaborators for further progress.



Get more info here from lab facilitators, Emil Winther and Kåre William Wulff: &


Green Community Lab is fully sponsored by the Tuborg Foundation.
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