– Sharpened focus and in-depth analyses for your organization


The concept is designed to tackle and resolve the complex challenges your organization faces by combining Kaospilot’s expertise in process facilitation and Analysis & Numbers in-depth analytical skills. Together, we equip your organization to effectively navigate and overcome complex challenges and find the right solutions.


Our Approach is a collaboration on what each of us does best:

– Kaospilot facilitates workshops that focus on identifying and understanding the organization’s specific challenges and creating the frameworks for a process where the organization addresses them.
– Analysis & Numbers creates and arranges in-depth analyses to develop understanding and clarity over the problems.


How does the process work?

Your organization takes part in creating the insights and solutions within your own field. Kaospilot first helps you become sharper on your issue. This step involves defining the core of the problem and identifying the most relevant stakeholders or key informants. Analysis & Numbers then equips your employees with the tools to perform effective interviews with key informants. Subsequently, the interviews are processed and analyzed by Analysis & Numbers to create an overview and in-depth insights into the challenge’s nature. Then Kaospilot takes over again: based on Analysis & Data’s analytical work, Kaospilot facilitates a process that helps your organization develop and implement effective strategies to handle the identified challenges.

Kaospilot and Analysis & Numbers thus create a process that your organization is also thoroughly equipped to be an active part of – both in terms of investigating the issue and in creating the necessary change, as a response to the insight and learning the investigation has provided you.


What does your organization gain from this?

  • A knowledge product that speaks the organization’s own language and has special and unique relevance.
  • An action plan and process for solutions based on in-depth, inclusive investigations.
  • An upskilling of the organization’s employees in terms of increased ownership and understanding of their organization and work area, improved cooperation skills, increased agency and engagement, and the acquisition of new competencies to drive positive change processes in the future.



Package 1: In-depth understanding of the problem and action-oriented proposals

Activities: Targeted and action-oriented analysis

  • Workshop by Kaospilot, where we dive into your specific challenges.
  • Specialized guidance from Analysis & Numbers in developing and applying tailor-made interview guides, which are used in interviews with key informants.
  • Preliminary analysis of interview results, where Analysis & Numbers presents and themes the data. – Workshop with Kaospilot and Analysis & Numbers, working with insights from the interviews and developing ideas for solutions.
  • A concise summarizing report that outlines the investigation process and the insights gained from it, and sketches solution proposals, points of attention, and opportunities for action based on this.

Benefits for your organization

  • In-depth insight and analytical overview that outlines the challenges based on collected data. – Tailor-made action plans and strategies to address these challenges, achieved through Kaospilot’s expert facilitation.
  • Enhanced analytical and problem-solving skills among participants.


Package 2: Implementation and change

Activities: Facilitated implementation based on insights

  • The concise summarizing report from package 1 is replaced with a more extensive and in-depth analysis based on the collected data, which can be shared and possibly presented to employees and management in the organization.
  • In addition to the report, a process plan for the implementation of the necessary changes and solution proposals, prepared by Kaospilot.
  • Kaospilot facilitates a series of workshops based on the process plan, focusing on implementing the proposed changes.
  • Opportunity for individual coaching to strengthen the implementation process.


Benefits for your organization

  • Guidance and support for the implementation of effective changes.
  • An engaging process built on solid analyses.
  • Organizational upskilling to handle and lead future external challenges.


Case example

An association faces challenges with low participation and lack of diversity in their member group. Using Insighter, internal employees, guided by Analysis & Numbers, conducted peer-to-peer

interviews with individuals outside the association. These conversations uncovered key barriers and needs that needed to be addressed to make the association more inclusive and attractive to the desired target group.

With this insight, Kaospilot facilitated a workshop to develop innovative solution proposals that could increase engagement and diversity. Subsequently, Kaospilot supported the association in implementing these solutions, leading to a noticeable improvement in participation and a broader representation in the member group.


Your Next Step with Insighter

With Insighter, your organization not only gets solutions to current challenges but also an upskilling and process that makes you better at navigating future issues with greater confidence and competence.

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