AT Concept Studio


Group members: Nicolas Arroyo & Rune Toldam


What we offer: AT is a Copenhagen based Concept Studio that delivers value-based communication and creative strategy for companies and organizations that want to create positive impact for both people & the planet. We help our partners understand their costumers better and connect with them, by articulating a clear purpose-based strategy and by developing campaigns, foresight mapping, digital & analog products and solutions that can serve as a translation of positive values between people and brands.


We also offer an educational program to share our working methodology for creativity and innovation with people and organizations who want to train and foster their creative process and confidence.


What we stand for: We dream of a world where purpose and meaning are the enablers of creation.


By placing People & Planet at the center of results,AT Concept Studio strives to produce extraordinary creative communication work that can connect companies to a more meaningful and transcendental purpose that includes and goes beyond only profit and bottom line.


Professionally, what are the most important things you have learned, as a result of carrying out this project?

Purpose is the driver and enabler of any creative process.
Creative confidence is the result of a strong purpose in the form of a simple solution.
Don’t do “sales”, create authentic relationships instead.
Be the Wingmen. We strive to always make our clients shine.
Co-created and participative processes create stronger and richer solutions.
Being an enterprising leader in the creative industry is about democratizing and demystifying creativity.
It is possible to create our dream job, If we dare.


What are the most important things that you have learned, about yourself, as a result of carrying out this project?

I have experienced how a dream job is not far out of reach. This year I have prototyped the life I want to live and seen where I can create value in business and organizations, while doing what is my passion, what I love and burn for.


This year I have challenged myself mentally by stepping into a stretch zone and trained being comfortable in the uncomfortable. I have invested time with people that I admire and stayed humble towards learning in their presence, yet always believed that I could also belong “up there”. I have set high physically goals in order to take care of my body, and experienced how may hours of weekly training gives more energy than it takes. Also that reaching athletic performance goals seaming unrealistic, can build confidence in other areas of life when they are achieved.


In Nicolas, I have had the pleasure of the best wingman by my side, providing the balance between challenge and support, giving me great frames for learning and growing, both as a professional and as a person. I have experienced the constellation of Nicolas & Rune, as more than just our individual skills put together. Instead as an arena where a third set of skills gets activated.


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