Written by Frederik Svinth, Kaospilot and the person behind SNAK.


A year ago, I went on one of my biggest adventures yet: As my final project at the KaosPilots I created and released a card game called SNAK. The basic idea of the game is to facilitate meaningful conversations. Since then SNAK has evolved from being a game into a platform for me and almost a movement for many other people.

We now have six teams (eg. Event, Communication, Vision) and approximately thirty people who are a part of SNAK somehow.  It is amazing and I am in awe of my new task as a leader.
Our next project is a book about friendship. It is a book that contains interviews with a bunch of people who, in pairs, discuss their friendships. The book also contains academic and artistic views on the subject of friendship.


The idea is to show what friendships can look like, and thereby inspire others to think about and more proactively take care of their friendships.

We don’t want to set up rules for a good friendship, but rather we want to open up the topic.


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