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Filmbyen 11A, 2nd floor
DK – 8000 Aarhus C



+45 86 12 95 22





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Bank information:

Jyske Bank, Østergade 4, DK – 8000 Aarhus C

Account number: 5073 1379223


IBAN: DK2150730001379223


Our Services

Kaospilot is a world-renowned School for Creative Leadership & Meaningful Entrepreneurship. We specialize in delivering impact-driven educational programs.

Through our website, www.kaospilot.dk, customers can purchase physical or online courses; we call them Professional Programs. Furthermore, customers can also purchase digital products such as e-books etc.



  • All of our products and services are listed in euro (EUR) currency.
  • All prices include the standard Danish VAT rate of 25%.


Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is a general tax that applies to all commercial activities involving goods and services, in the European Union. 

  • If you are an operating business within the European Union, you will need to fill out the VAT number field in the order form, and you will be charged without VAT.
  • If you are a private individual, you are not required to fill out the VAT number field and you will be charged the listed price, which includes VAT.



All payments are processed through our online payment provider, Bambora, which accept debit/credit cards from VISA and MasterCard.

The customer can expect the order to be processed and completed within 2-3 business days after the customer has placed their order. After the order is completed, the customer will receive an invoice via email and expect the amount to be charged to the debit/credit card thereafter.

Extra security when paying by card

3D Security

Per January 2021, the rules for online card payments are changed to increase the cardholder’s security. This means that you may be asked to approve your purchases with 3-D Secure. The approval is done either with the cardholder’s personal ID or with a personal password and a one-time SMS code.


To create a personal password, the card must be registered with 3-D Secure, where you must log in with the personal ID. Here you must also enter the telephone number to which the one-time code is to be sent via SMS. Read more about the scheme via your bank’s website.


The extra security also applies to company cards. Here you must also confirm the purchase with either the personal ID or with the personal password and the one-time code. If you pay with a company card, please note that it must be the cardholder’s private personal ID that is used for both the purchase confirmation and for registration with 3-D Secure


Cancellation & Refund Policy


Purchasing a course — 14 days rights of cancellation

All customers have the right to cancel a course and receive a 100% refund of the course fee, up to 14 days after the order is placed. The 14 day cancellation period starts, at the earliest, from the time that the customer receives an order confirmation email from us.


Purchasing a course — cancellation rights after the 14 days

After the 14 days rights of cancellation have ended, the following cancellation and refund policy is activated:

  • Cancellations received less than THREE weeks prior to a course start will result in a 50% refund of the course fee.
  • Cancellations received less than ONE week prior to a course start will result in a 25% refund of the course fee.
  • If a course is cancelled by Kaospilot, the customer will be offered the possibility of choosing new dates to attend the course OR the customer will be offered the possibility of a 100% refund of the course fee.
  • If unable to attend the course, the customer is always entitled to transfer their place to a different person, free of charge.


Purchasing a course under 14 days prior to a course start

If the customer purchases a course under 14 days, prior to a course start, the customer automatically accepts and gives consent to the 14 days rights of cancellation is voided and replaced by our cancellation and refund policy succeeding the 14 days rights of cancellation.


Purchasing of digital products

If the customer buys digital products, e.g. digital content such as e-books etc., the customer agrees and gives consent to the 14 days rights of cancellation is voided, the moment the customer receives the digital content via email. In other words, the customer cannot cancel or request a refund as soon as they have received the content in question.


Process for cancelling a course

All cancellations must be sent directly via email to the relevant program director. In the email, please state the dates of the course you have signed up for and if the participant(s) is different from sender. Please also state if you would like to postpone your particiption to a later date or if we should refund your purchase.

Process if we cancel or postpone a course

Should it happen that it is necessary for us to cancel or postpone a course, we are not required to cover any costs for accomodation or travelling already made by you.


Process for all refunds

All refunds will be processed within 14 days, at the earliest, from the time that we have received the customer’s email of cancellation. All refunds will automatically be charged back to the customer’s debit/credit card used to purchase to the course.


Confidentiality Policy

We, Kaospilot, understand and respect the importance of our customers privacy on the Internet. Kaospilot will not share information about our customers to a third party unless this is necessary in order to complete a transaction. Kaospilot will not sell a customer’s personal details, e.g. customer name, address, email address, to a third party without prior permission from the customer.


Storage of Personal Details

By ordering a course through our website, the customer accepts and gives consent to Kaospilot storing the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Participant name(s)
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • VAT number (if applicable)


We need these personal details in order to process and complete the customer’s order. When submitting personal details, the customer also accepts and gives consent to us using these details in case we need to contact them via email or SMS regarding their order.


All personal details are handled and stored in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Act (GDPR). See our Privacy Policy for further information.