The Kaospilot school is even more vibrant than usually these days. Applicants from all over the world have come to the school in Aarhus to participate in the admission workshop and they are already working hard on their first client assignment.


Applicants from 14 different countries like Japan, Australia, France, South Africa and Sweden have found their way to the Kaospilot school in Aarhus. The next three days the “Testpilots” will join the thorough admission workshop in pursuit of becoming one of the 35 new kaospilots of Team 23. Kaospilot has invited 72 applicants based on their written application and creative assignment.


This morning the Kaospilot principal, Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, welcomed all of the testpilots in a big, abandoned factory that is situated right next to the school on the harbour of Aarhus.


–       As much as this is a chance for you to show us who you are, it is a chance for you to see if Kaospilot is the right place for you, he said to the applicants and invited them to lean in and enjoy the experience.


The applicants are divided into groups that will be working together on concrete tasks. This year they are working on a client assignment for “Aarhus 2017 – European capital of culture” and DGI.


–       The students at Kaospilot always work with projects and clients in the real world and therefore we present the students to this right away. Already with the admission workshop we would like to create a positive impact, says Kasper Arentoft who is a team leader at Kaospilot and leading the admission workshop.




While the applicants work with the projects they are being observed by current first year students and staff members. One of the students who are observing is Birna Ketilsdóttir Schram. She has been looking forward to this event ever since she started at the education.


–       I am excited to see how 12 different people develop into becoming a team over three days, she says. She vividly remembers the feeling from last year when she was a testpilot herself.


–       It is the most crazy thing I ever experienced because there are so many uncertainties and it feels weird having people observing you all the time while you are working. But it is also amazing because it is a very good way of showing who you really are, says Birna Ketilsdóttir Schram.


It is still a secret what will happen during the rest of the workshop so the applicants have lots of surprises to look forward to.



Text by Lotte Rystedt, journalist at Kaospilot