A three-day masterclass for educators & trainers to explore experiential ways of learning in order to inspire, facilitate and design for creativity, innovation & risk in learning spaces & education.


The programme is built around a rigorous training platform that dynamically combines practice, reflection and theory. You will have the opportunity not only to talk about your ideas for pedagogical and methodological change, but also practice and develop them! The programme will radically change your approach, help you grow as an individual and gain new perspectives. Read more about the core KP pedagogical platform here


See a previous interactive flyer here with full details, images and video   The working definition of facilitation that we like, will focus, explore and represent how we facilitate and utilize team based learning at the Kaospilot is supported by Tom Justice and David Jamieson “… what needs to be done; who needs to be involved; design, flow, and sequence of tasks; communications patterns, effectiveness, and completeness; appropriate levels of participation and the use of resources; group energy, momentum, and capability; the physical and psychological environment.”


  • A teacher who is progressive and ready to explore new models for designing and delivering education and learning strategies.
  • A teacher who is already achieving the above, but would like a methodology to do it better and help anchor it more inside your school and colleagues.
  • A person who is engaged in designing new education at under and post grad level who needs some inspiration to introduce authentic change makers, entrepreneurs and leaders into your society.
  • A progressive school that wishes to provide the opportunity, time and space for teachers to think, explore and experiment with alternative, participatory and action based learning methods.
  • A passionate driver towards rethinking education within the current restraints of governmental, financial and accreditation pressures.
  • A consultant or process facilitator who wishes to explore the Kaospilot approach to experience based workshops.*


  • Explore and tackle  the “big picture” and ideas for the future of education whilst reconnecting with your passion, personal development and peers.
  • Experience in creative and experimental learning and facilitation.
  • Learn hoe to design lessons for individual and collaborative creative practice that promotes problem solving, curiosity, lateral thinking, leadership and taking action.
  • Gain new ideas and perspectives that will challenge traditional beliefs and assumptions about learning and student teacher learning partnerships and agreements.
  • Gain an understanding of the vocabulary of opportunity based pedagogy, its theory and the nature of its use and implementation through the design thinking process, theory & practice.
  • Know how to kick-start and anchor the ability within students and the class as a team to grow and strengthen their professional mindset, ambition, creativity and leadership skills as part of their education.
  • Learn about the hidden potential in practical and class-team work for the development of intra & interpersonal student skills such as personal expression and values, leadership, collaboration.
  • Explore the potential in the roles of the learner, the educator, the learning experience and how to encourage the students to take initiative, responsibility for their own learning, and to self evaluate
  • Knowledge of informal and formal learning processes such as project work, scenarios, role plays, talk-shops, open space, peer to peer, dialogue, feedback and listening tools, offering alternative ways of working with Assessment, learning, feedback and planning.
  • Learn the basics and importance of facilitated dialogue and evaluation using multi dimensional feedback, effective communication, listening levels and how to anchor them within your students to heighten learning and confidence.
‘What a great experience! The facilitator used smart techniques to guide us through the education design process. In particular, the “learning spaces” concept opened up my mind. I am inspired to adopt a similar education in Albania.’
Elsi Rizvanolli, Executive Director, Akademia e Pilotëve, Albania

‘I am absolutely convinced that the Kaospilots’ educational model is on the right track for the construction of both a new society and economy, because the course not only provides the foundations for understanding a more efficient way of learning, but also encompasses a human-centred approach in which values, practices and knowledge are merged. As a result, this course fosters the engagement and the sense of ownership in learning, and furthermore, creates qualified happy people.’

Catherine Lippuner, ETH Sustainability, Zurich.
‘I really enjoyed the 3 days tremendously. I think it was KP in action in the best of sense. It was all there: surprise, action, reflection, substance, variation, deep learning, evaluation, presentation and pushing…’

* A higher (non Ed2Ed) price will apply to those working outside of education e.g. corporate training, consultancy or train the trainer companies etc.


As a European teacher, you may be entitled to apply for Erasmus+, in particular E+ Grants for attending this program at the KAOSPILOT. Please go to your national agency to get more info about this.