The Kaospilot school will create an exhibition in Copenhagen, showing the students’ offers for a better tomorrow. The final projects range from a sustainable fashion brand to a guidebook series for entrepreneurs and a new “Nature-agency”.




Kaospilot has been situated in Aarhus for the past 25 years but this summer the entire creative entrepreneurship- and leadership school will move to Copenhagen for a day. The kaospilots will exhibit the projects that they have been working with during the past year. The theme for the exhibition is “From Utopia to Topia” and the guests can learn more about no less than 30 final projects.


–       “What connects all the projects is that they all originate from a wish of creating a better future. It can be within many different fields and throughout the education the students learn how to convert dreams into actual experiments and concrete projects,” says Christer Windeløv-Lidzelius, principal at Kaospilot.


One of the students who sees his dream come to life right now is Otto Kubista. He came to Kaospilot with a vision of creating his own clothing brand, but throughout the education he was presented to new perspectives that made him start a sustainable t-shirt-production instead.


–       “I was tired of buying clothes that are produced under conditions that are neither sustainable for the environment nor the people who make it. I want to make clothes that work with nature instead of against it and that is why I make t-shirts of hemp and with natural colours,” says Otto Kubista who wants to make sustainable clothes fashionable. He will bring his t-shirts to the exhibition along with the materials that he has used to dye the clothes, among others red dirt from South Africa and avocado peeps.



Entrepreneurs seeking impact

Thomas Nymark Horsted has created the company Startup Guide World with a fellow student. They are the forces behind a series of guidebooks to entrepreneurial scenes in larger cities. Future entrepreneurs have already enjoyed the books from Copenhagen, Aarhus and Berlin, and on the day of the exhibition the startup guide for Stockholm will be published.


–       “I will bring the Stockholm-edition so you can be among the very first to have a look in it,” says Thomas Nymark Horsted. London, Lisbon and Oslo will also get their own Startup Guides later this year.


–       “We want to inspire people to become entrepreneurs. Still more and more young people wish to create a positive impact in the world through their own visions and ideas,” says Thomas Nymark Horsted.


One of these new entrepreneurs is Stine Thorsgaard Kjær. For her final project at Kaospilot she created “NaturAgenturet” that works with the discipline biomimicry. In this company she teaches Danish companies and schools to use nature as an inspiration to make new products or organisational structures.




-“Nature has already solved a lot of the challenges that we as humans are facing now – for example nature doesn’t create any garbage, it reuses everything. We can learn a lot just from watching how nature has solved problems. I want to spread this mind set to more people who wish to work with sustainability,” says Stine Thorsgaard Kjær.



The whole school exhibits together

The main attraction on the exhibition is the final projects but it is also important for the Kaospilot school to show the projects of the 1st and 2nd year students. This work is what leads up to the students being able to finish the education with their “pilot-project”. The 1st year students have just ended their business projects, working with clients in the whole world, and the 2nd year students have worked with local projects in South Africa for the past three months.


The exhibition will take place at Space10, which is a future-living lab an exhibition space.


-“We want to share our work and results with the Copenhageners and it is obvious to do this at Space10 who also work with the solutions of tomorrow,” says Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius.


The Kaospilot exhibition “Topia” will open Friday 10th of June at 4 pm and last until 9 pm. Later this evening the kaospilots will throw one of the parties that they have become famous for in Aarhus. The party will take place in KPH Volume. Everyone is welcome to both events and it is free to join the exhibition.



Topia – A Kaospilot exhibition

An exhibition of kaospilots’ projects and work

Friday June 10th 4-9 pm

Space10, Flæsketorvet 10, 1711 København V

Free entrance

See more in the facebook event here




Text by Lotte Rystedt, journalist at Kaospilot