Effektfull Lärande
– a dynamic concept for working with learning in organisations


Effektfull Lärande works on several levels. On the one hand, it is a way of combining cognitive, vertical models of learning-as-a-product in competence development and knowledge management with a more emergent, situated approach to horizontal learning and learning-as-a-process. On the other hand it takes the form of a board game to simplify and aid the conversations between consultant and client, where they can co-create learning initiatives and discuss strategic alignment with greater organisational goals. It is a physical product and a philosophical stance.


The concept bridges the two learning domains – the standard and the emergent – and has been developed for use in HR-departments across public and private sectors. Effektfull Lärande is a step in the direction towards developing closer partnerships between consultancies and clients and moving HR-departments from being a support function towards being a strategic business partner. More development is needed and the concept will be tested in both a large private Swedish corporation and a municipality. I’m curious to develop this and other learning initiatives and work more with expansive and workplace learning!


Professionally, what are the most important things you have learned, as a result of carrying out this project?

Throughout this project, I have worked as a researcher, consultant and apprentice, and this way of combining domains has been full of learning. I’ve gained 6 months of experience as an apprentice consultant in Sweden, worked as a research assistant at Aalborg University, and run workshops in places, ranging from Bogotá to Billund. I’ve grown my professional network and found my work focus for the next years: Learning and leadership.


What are the most important things that you have learned, about yourself, as a result of carrying out this project?

That I truly believe I can’t do anything significant in my life if I don’t work and learn with other people. It’s all about helping out and bringing what I can to the community table. I’ve still got at long way to go on all accounts and I’m hungry for what ever comes.


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