- Kaospilots are good at inspiring people to use other sides of themselves than they usually do, and they have strong facilitation skills. That’s a very positive contribution to a company, says Maj-Britt Haahr Andersen, Vice President for Quality, Safety, and Environment at Vestas.


At Kaospilot we believe in learning by doing. Therefore the students always work with real projects with real clients and partners. Vestas is one of the companies that have experienced new angles on their work by collaborating with a Kaospilot student. All students at the 3rd semester at Kaospilot have to do a consultant task as part of the creative process semester. And for Vestas the meeting was valuable. Here is what Maj-Britt Haahr Andersen from Vestas experienced.



Why did you want to have a Kaospilot students give you inputs and assistance?


We have a new strategy on quality, safety and environment, and we wanted a different angle on how we can communicate it. We have to get our message through to 200 employees in many different countries and for that we need a simple way of communicating it to employees on all different levels in Vestas.

It is very important for the business, but not all business people are good at it, and that is why I think the synergy came with adding a kaospilot.


What was the result?


We got another angle on solving a traditional communications problem. But we also got something unexpected.


The positive spin off was that when facilitating the process the Kaospilot student added team spirit into the process as well.

We are team members from the US, Italy, India, England, Germany and Denmark, and we all got out of the usual habits, it wasn’t just another day at the office. We had fun, laughed, and had to draw things. It was not the traditional instruments we used, but more artistic ones. That generated a lot more energy. And I got to know the colleagues better because I saw them from other angles than we normally use.


What surprised you the most?


The biggest surprise was that we do have sides that we simply don’t use.

So you can call that waste, that you don’t use all the competences of your employees.

We don’t use the creative part of the brain enough because we are not inspired to do so. And it can be too simple minded if you don’t use the whole of yourself.


But in this process we were in fact inspired to by the kaospilot, and I think we got more satisfaction in the team, and a more holistic approach in that way. And we had fun and smiled – and that is good for business too.