Nothing beats a good match. Think about cookies and milk, movies and popcorn or what about a fashion shoe-company and a creative business-school? While the latter example might not feel as classic and obvious as the two first, there is many good reasons why our brand new collaboration with Shoe The Bear, is in fact just as natural, as pairing a dish of pasta with a glass of wine.


Lets travel a little back in time to get the full picture. In 2007 two young men had just graduated from Kaospilot Team 11. While looking quite different from a distance – one of them being a fashion-buff, the other coming from a background in the norwegian army – they shared some essential similarities: They both chose to stay in Aarhus post graduation and – more importantly – they just LOVED rock-music. This is the two facts that bonded them while they carried on with their different successful carrier-paths. The oldest of the two, Jon Tangen, eventually returned to Kaospilot to take on the seat as program director of the 3-year education, while the youngest, Thomas Fredriksen, created the shoe-company “Shoe The Bear” together with designer Jacob Fuglsang.




Albeit their humble beginnings in a backyard in Aarhus, “Shoe The Bear” has grown into a full-fledge international Danish fashion success. Today the two “shoeprenuers”, and their gang of 18 employees, sell their high quality products in 16 countries with Russia and South Korea as their fastest growing markets. Throughout the years the focus has shifted from making streetwise sneakers in vivid colors, to the current collection which is what Thomas refers to as “classics with a twist”.




In 2011 Kaospilot turned 20. This was truly an accomplishment that deserved to be marked in style. Many ideas was brought to the table – among them a collaboration with Shoe The Bear on a 20th anniversary sneaker – but it was eventually decided to bring out “20/20”, an anthology on the culture, projects and whereabouts of Kaospilot throughout the years. Jon however never let go of the possibility of collaborating with his old teammate, and when the Kaospilot-brand recently got a major visual facelift, he felt the time had come to get this partnership off the ground.



Together with a group of students from Kaospilot Team 20, and with input from the staff, “Shoe The Bear” has created a special “STB x KP”-collection consisting of two female models and two male models. While all being based on existing “Shoe The Bear”-models, the twisted classics got even more twisted, in the meeting with the imaginative minds of the students. This lead to cool new innovations that will surely re-emerge in future shoe- designs.




The conceptual idea behind the products was clear: They needed to communicate some of the essential qualities of the two brands. “Shoe The Bear” are known for female shoes with daring material combinations and male shoes that can stand years of (ab)use while still looking stylish. This mixed with Kaospilots wish for “hyper-mobility” – feeling just as much at home in a club, on a field or in an office – proved to be a killer combination.




It is a cliche – but stats prove it right – that girls just cant get enough shoes. This is also the reason why “Shoe The Bear” employ significant more women than men. They simply “get” shoes on a different level, and love to curate elaborate collections for all outfits and situations. That is why the two female models are playful in the material combinations and stylish while not compromising on comfort. Sprinkled with small, but significant color-detail is the Kaospilot-signature hues, and with a daring statement laser-etched into the soles, these shoes can easily take you from formal to freaky – and back again.




The male models are a bit more classic in their appearance – for good reason. According to Thomas experience from years in the industry, mens shoe-buying-habits are quite conservative. Most purchase one or maximum two pairs a year and wear them till the soles come off. This calls for a more lasting approach. The models are made in Portugal by master shoemakers out of top quality organic leather, and like their female counterparts sports laser-etched soles and Kaospilot-colored details. Sure to be a classy companion in a mans life for years.



We are really excited about finally sharing this “baby” with the World. From the first of May 2014, the shoes will be up for sale on both “Shoe The Bears” web-shop, and on the new and pristine web-shop of Kaospilot. We at Kaospilot could think of no better partner for our first brand collaboration. We are proud of what Thomas has accomplished since he left school, and feels that we with this partnership have set the bar high for future endeavors. Grab a pair and help us show the World that these shoes are truly made for walking – and playing, skating, dancing, stepping, tip-toeing or whatever other way you choose to move forward in life.