White Week is a three-day event that takes place in week 40. Our second year students and around 180 VIA students, who are studying Value Chain Management, Global Business and Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Architectural Construction, TEKO Marketing and Communication and Design and Business, join forces as 17 separate multi-disciplinary groups.


What are we aiming for?

The goal is to help develop the Aarhus Green Living Lab in Mejlgade in the centre of Aarhus, where new residents have agreed to test new and existing initiatives for sustainable urban living.


Examples might include using renewable energy sources, like solar and wind to create a district that functions as a 1:1 city laboratory/test lab in support of Denmark’s transition to a green economy. VIA and Kaospilot will work in cross-disciplinary teams to design and create new concepts for sustainable living across the four core areas of housing, clothing, infrastructure and holistic change.