The award is given to a company that has proven itself in terms of addressing some of the great market challenges of our time.
The award includes 100.000 DKK and an Award Winner Certificate.


Kaospilot, as an entrepreneurship and leadership school, has promoted an entrepreneurial and a sustainability agenda for years. In 2016, marking the 25th anniversary of the Kaospilot, the school has initiated an award that will honor a company that has proven itself by acting upon some of the challenges of our time and as such can act as a source of inspiration for others.


Is Denmark’s leading staffing and recruitment company with 20 years’ experience, has been on the forefront of changing labour market dynamics. The Innovation Award has been made possible through the generous donation of JKS.



There are three criteria which need to be met in order to be considered for the award. (1) job creation (2) innovativeness (3) sustainability
Job creation is a massive challenge in this day of age and it can be argued that many new innovations and companies- although creating value, do not generate jobs on par with previous generations.  Employment is considered to be a vital aspect of being an active participant in society. It provides- apart from financial resources, also a meaning to life, self-actualization, friendships etc.


The award also wants to honor companies which point the way for creating new products and services- not just cheaper or more effective offerings.
There is a need for promoting more sustainable designs and actions in terms of products and services, as well as in other areas such as production, procurement etc.
An idea candidate would be a company that has generated jobs by successfully introducing new products and services in a sustainable way. For instance, it could be a production company that utilizes waste products in an upscaling way, or a technology company that solves environmental issues in terms of transportation or…
Eligible candidates are primarily Scandinavian companies. Others can apply, but priority will be given to candidates from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.



Candidates can be proposed by filling out a form found on the following internet address no later than the 1st of April 2017. Five will be selected as nominees and asked to offer more material for evaluation. The nominees will be announced by the 1st of June and the winner will be honored at the Kaospilot Graduation Party the beginning of July.