Pedagogical Approach

Our pedagogical approach and philosophy is to create a dynamic interplay between the aspirations of students
and participants, the learning objectives, the projects around which the teaching is based, and the lecturers, trainers and team leaders who are responsible for its design. This comes alive when theory, action and reflection are combined in practice.

Our approach stems from our unique philosophical standpoint, which is inherently interdisciplinary. It combines elements from both business and design schools
, and draws upon project management, organisational development, entrepreneurship, experience design and design thinking. 

There is a clear similarity between our pedagogical approach and the qualities we want to promote in our students. Th
eapproach is built on these four pillars:


1: Experimentation


In combination with projects and methods, most of our teaching is intended to be experimental. The aim is not only to acquire and transfer knowledge, but also to develop new knowledge and new perspectives.


2: Exploration

Our approach is goal-oriented and rooted in reality. All of our programs explore current and potential trends within their fields of study. At the same time, students and participants are encouraged and supported to develop their own field ofinterests, imagine their own desired futures and values, and test theories and methods to achieve that change.


3: Experience

Learning comes from first-hand experience. Active participation from students is central. Practice within real-time environments encourages not only an increasing level of aptitude, but also a new understanding of the world.


4: Enterprise

An enterprising approach empowers students and participants by addressing the individual as a starting point and developing a learning environment in which they can move towards new learning. Our programs are strong on imagination and initiative, and encourage our students to show the same qualities.