Dear amazing Kaospilot alumni

This is a short update on the school development and how to stay connected to the school as an alumni – including an invitation to affect the new curriculum.

A desire to get Kaospilot alumni closer to the school

We are hundreds of Kaospilot Alumni that hold the school dear to our hearts and would like to support the ongoing relevance of the school. We believe that the school can benefit tremendously from getting the network of alumni closer to the school and also systematically get input from alumni.


Changes in formalities of the school organization

Back in 2021 some formalities in the Kaospilot school structure were made. As an organization the Kaospilot school is officially an association (registered in Denmark). In order to be an association you need to have bylaws and some members of that association. The formalities of that was set in 2021 with new bylaws and 24 people were appointed to be a part of the association (se people under “Board” and “General Assembly”: Five students were appointed by the school, spread out during the existence of the school. This is the reason that five alumni are now part of the Kaospilot association. We have limited formal power but take part in the yearly general assembly and approve the budget and can take part in electing the school board.

Long term, we would love to see the Kaospilot board fully representing the diversity of the community and pushing the Kaospilot promise even further. Therefore we want to make you all aware that the current association elects members for the school’s board in June each year. As alumni we collectively know an amazing pool of people who might be interested in stepping into a commitment to sit on the board of the school. David Jul (alumni T19) made a shoutout in the Alumni Facebook group for candidates for the election in 2023 and based on that suggested that Thandi Dyani and alumni Sune Liengaard (T15) is elected for the board in 2023. It is decided by the general assembly on the 12th of June 2023, if they get elected or not.

Please contact the board or us with suggestions for names for candidates for June 2024 (it can be a longer process to find the right candidates so great to get started).



During the fall of 2022 after the 30th year anniversary many discussions were raised in connection to the Kaospilot school. Topics were centered around the future direction of the school, the staff, board and leadership and diversity and inclusion in the Kaospilot culture.

Many Alumni have contributed to these discussions, but it has not been a wider and open dialogue for all alumni to engage in. Our hope is that a more direct communication and collaboration with Kaospilot alumni can support that in a constructive way that can contribute to a fruitful development at the Kaospilot school.

In the past, several alumni have taken initiative to start different kinds of networks and associations. A CPH based network is still active. However, the formal association started in 2012 turned out to be difficult to keep alive over time without hard work for a few individuals, and is now closed down. We have discussed ways to create a new alumni association and have not found a model that both the school, the Kaospilot board and alumni could see as a sustainable setup. Both the school is now working on a model for further alumni involvement.


Suggesting a closer collaboration with the school

Us alumni connected to the Kaospilot associations have had many conversations with the school and board, to see how we can utilize the perspective of alumni – to affect the school development and contribute to increase the impact of the community. We have pushed the agenda with the need for a future strategy for the school and setting a clear direction of where the school is heading and how it will impact the World in 5, 10 and 30 years time.

The school is working on a model to systematically use alumni voices more and collaborate more with alumni.

First step is to sign up the the alumni newsletter here

And then join the event below:

An invitation to give inputs to the new curriculum on 21st of June 2023

How can we harness our collective imagination and ambition to create a just, regenerative future for people and planet, while crafting a vision for the Kaospilot education that embraces all voices and serves as a guiding light for a new curriculum?


As some of you might know we have started the process of writing a renovated curriculum for the three-year education, guided by the principles of pluralizing the process, iterating, seeking feedback, engaging all stakeholders and treating the curriculum as a living system.

We have begun taking some small steps already, but we want to share more with you and starting to engage more people in the process.

Will you take this journey with us?

Then join us on June 21st for a co-creation day around crafting the vision for the 3-year program!


All the best

Heidi Meier Bach, Team 1
Ditte Graa Wulff, Team 14
David Jul, Team 19
Nikoline Nybo, Team 24




Who is a Kaospilot Alumni?

All graduated Kaospilots from the 3 year program, regardless of where or when