Kaospilot+ Berlin

Kaospilot+ is a global initiative that is brought to life in collaboration between friends of the Kaospilots and the Kaospilot organization in 2020.


The Kaospilot+ initiative and all its educational formats are dedicated to move education and learning forward and to bring more Kaospilot’s into the world. It is a setup for education and support for individual and organizational growth. Kaospilot+ initiatives aim to create positive impact by nurturing and applying the Kaospilot philosophy, pedagogy and principles in other local ecosystems.  

Kaospilot+ Berlin is the Berlin based Kaospilot+ initiative and the first local prototype of the overall Kaospilot+ concept. It offers a learning platform for design, sustainable entrepreneurship, and positive change to the German capital and beyond. Find out more about what is happening in Berlin here