Kaospilot+ Berlin

KAOSPILOT+ Berlin is a learning platform for creative leadership and meaningful entrepreneurship.

We are the Berlin-based home of the Kaospilots and offer a learning platform for design, sustainable entrepreneurship, and positive change to the German capital and beyond.

We believe that positive social impact can be achieved through collaborative initiative, innovative design, activism, and valuebased leadership.


Kaospilot+ Berlin and all its formats are dedicated to moving education and learning forward and bringing more Kaospilots into the world. Our educational setups support individual and organizational growth aiming to create positive impact.

About us

  • We are collaborating with KAOSPILOT to move education & learning forward
  • We are the first prototype of a Kaospilot+, a global initiative that is brought to life by friends of the Kaospilot. The + indicates the specifit local context the Kaospilot initiative is based in. Kaospilot+ Berlin is run by Kaospilot Alumni and friends of the
  • We are Berlin-based, because Berlin has a unique rebellious spirit and attracts especially impact-driven people, movements, startups, and initiatives. With its international, diverse, and multicultural inhabitants, Berlin is a never-ending container for intercultural connections and learning. Therefore it is an ideal urban context to be inspired by, a great playground to create holistic impact with and for.

What we do

  • We offer educational formats in various lengths for students and professionals
  • We are a platform for learning that seeks to invite practitioners from our local ecosystem to learn with us and share their craft with our learners
  • We are a community-based education, so if you need a place to work from or a community to connect to, reach out to us!

What drives us?

  • We’re done with business as usual
  • We strive to be an inspiration for others
  • We love learning
  • We believe it’s time to change things radically, systemically
  • We’re ready to leave our comfort zones

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