How is the Kaospilot education structured?

The Kaospilot Education is built to develop students’ entrepreneurial and leadership skills through a practical approach. Students are engaged in real-life projects in varied settings, with a strong focus on personal leadership development and understanding potential career paths.

Duration, Semesters, and Content

The Kaospilot Education lasts for three years. It’s divided into six semesters, two each year. Each semester delves into specific facets of leadership, encompassing areas such as problem-solving, project management, innovation, teamwork, and communication.

First Year

The first year consists of the “Fundamentals” and “Enterprising Projects” semesters.


In this semester, students are introduced to foundational concepts of project leadership, teamwork, value creation, and other core areas.

Enterprising Projects 

During this period, students get the opportunity to actively engage in project initiation, design, and execution, exploring subjects like communication and project organization.

Second Year

This year includes the “Global Outpost” and “Craftsmanship” semesters.

Global Outpost 

For this semester, students are positioned in a foreign city, which allows them to experience and understand different cultural dynamics.


Here, students are provided the chance to delve deeper into a potential vocational field by spending time in an organization or business of their choice.

Third Year

The concluding year has the “Systemic Transformations” and “Pilot Project” semesters.

Systemic Transformations 

During this time, students work on team-oriented projects, partnering with local entities to tackle multi-faceted social challenges.

Pilot Project

In this final semester, students undertake a significant project, taking it from its initial concept to full realization.

By the conclusion of this education, students earn 180 ECTS points, akin to a bachelor’s degree. Each semester is designed to ensure continuity and progression in the content, aiming to provide students with the necessary skills for their professional journeys.

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Why the Kaospilot Education

The Enterprising Leadership education by Kaospilot offers an alternative approach to leadership. It aims to assist individuals in understanding how to lead and navigate in our ever-evolving and intricate global landscape.

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Who can be a Kaospilot?

Curious about who can be a Kaospilot? Kaospilots possess unique qualities and traits that set them apart from others.

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The everyday life of a KAOSPILOT student

The daily life of an student at the Kaospilot education is certainly different from that of a student at a traditional university. In contrast to a traditional university, Kaospilot offers a dynamic learning environment. Students engage in hands-on projects, workshops, real-life cases, and interactive sessions with actual companies and organizations.

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Who will teach me during the Kaospilot Education?

The instructors at Kaospilot are more than just traditional educators; they are mentors who guide and inspire our students, encouraging them to be creative, critical thinkers, and courageous in order to support their personal and professional development.

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Is the Kaospilot Education for me?

The Kaospilot Education is designed to offer a dynamic and transformative experience that challenges you to confront uncertainty, embrace change, and nurture the skills and mindset essential for thriving in an ever-evolving world.

Find out if the education is for you.