A Learning Program for High Schools that fosters Creativity & Innovation

The needs of 21st century young learners are different from previous generations: in addition to mastering broad educational subjects, they need to succeed in a digital and interconnected world and master innovation, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. Furthermore, young learners are experiencing a high level of stress due to normal and extraordinary circumstances and need to develop a practice around their wellbeing.

The project research and work aims to explore the following research question:
“How might we build a useful and relevant learning framework and a digital platform that fosters creativity, well-being, & co-creation across different high schools in Europe?”
We call the this project and aim the BANG! project.

The purpose of the BANG! is to give every young learner (16 to 18 years old) the opportunity to develop knowledge and abilities that are central to their happiness, relation to labour market success, further education and being an active member of society, while exploring a sense of community and direction that is not restrained by social background or economic condition.

The project is funded by the EU (Erasmus+ KA220) and is run and lead by Kaospilot team Dennis Dybdal, Solveig Marie Johansen, Bo Blaabjerg, & Anna Elkjær in close partnership with Politecnico di MilanoThe Big Idea – Ireland, & ambitious teachers and directors of high schools in Greece, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, & Denmark. If you wish to hear more or to be a part of the project then please reach out to Solveig or Anna on ael@kaospilot.dk / solveig@kaospilot.dk

The project started in February 2022 and will be ending in the beginning of 2024.

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A Learning Program for High Schools that fosters Creativity & Innovation