In all my life I have been involved in movement and gymnastics. Common to all is a desire and willingness to enter into a committed community.

From what challenge did the idea for your “Vægtløs” (Weightless in English) project arise? 

I came up with my project VÆGTLØS, because of two challenges I saw in the field of movement and health.

  1. Our society and trends within movement and health is going in a self-staging, introverted and body ideal direction.
  2. Gymnastics is very “closed” and hierarchical in the frames for your practice and opportunities within coaches, cross levels, ages and ambitions. It is not accommodating for everyone.

In order to expand the great social values and playful approach of gymnastics and to solve the 1. challenge – VÆGTLØS is expanding the framework for how we are practicing gymnastics. Furthermore due to COVID 19, DGI Gymnastics and local sports associations are in a complex situation with less activity, social value, and motivation between instructors and gymnasts.

VÆGTLØS/Weightless is a condition characterised by the absence of the influence of gravity, which we feel when doing gymnastics together

VÆGTLØS/Weightless is a condition characterised by the absence of the influence of gravity, which we feel when doing gymnastics together

How is you project currently solving this challenge? 

The overarching purpose is to create and offer attractive nation wide training opportunities by testing a flexible, more including and less product-minded approach to gymnastics and movement.

VÆGTLØS/Weightless is a condition characterised by the absence of the influence of gravity, which we feel when doing gymnastics together. In VÆGTLØS, we remove gravity and whatever else may limit you in living out your dreams and visions for a healthy and meaningful life.

VÆGTLØS offers an embracing and safe online movement environment, where there is room for those who wants to challenge themselves in themes from gymnastics that require strength and endurance, and for those who want to find peace and space to breathe and let go of a stressful weekday. Through versatile movement, play and community, we set the body free.

In my project period VÆGTLØS offered 35 online trainings in 3 weeks.
4700 total users and approximately 1600 individuals was a part of VÆGTLØS.

The future of the concept and business Is now forming, and hopefully in physical frames in the near future.

Which tools/mindsets/framework from the Enterprising Leadership Program did you find most helpful when working on this project?

Being project leader on a self-made concept, was challenging my ability to lead myself, because of the complex combination between passion and performance. Having a playful approach around prototyping and testing a concept with “fast fails”, was a great mindset.

I was using lot of the tools we learn in project management in order to initiate, plan, execute and close my project period. Having many partners and players involved made it super important and helpful for me to use all stakeholder tools. It helped getting an overview and make sure that I was aware of everyone, and at the same time open to add new people into the project.

Besides that I was playing around with experience design, and the framework called 5xE – which was a fun and concrete way for me to track and design the user experience.

Doing a lot of iterations and scrums in the 3 weeks of execution was a tool for me to keep developing VÆGTLØS and harvest the user feedback, so I was aware of my concept validation.

Looking at the future of the project, the goal hierarchy and business model canvas is helping me a lot in shaping VÆGTLØS and the future movement community.

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