Leaders are important whether it’s about leading organizations, businesses, projects or groups. However, as you probably have experienced yourself, not all leaders are great leaders.

Leaders are made, not born. They bring to the situation what the situation requires. Subsequently one can lead without being a formal leader. Modern organizations require people who are driven, are motivated and do not shy away from responsibility.

What Makes a Great Leader?

There are different traits that almost all great leaders possess. Some of these traits are human characteristics whereas others are learned skills. Common to all of them is that they are learnable through education and training.

Great Leaders radiates positive energy

First of all, a great leader radiates positive energy to the team or organization.

There is nothing more important in a team or a group than passion and the will to succeed. Having a leader, who is able to radiate positive energy, is an important part of that. Not only does positive energy make the leader more likeable and trustable, but it also boosts the team morale. Teams with a positive morale are also more productive and creative.

A Great Leader is Proactive

Second of all, great leaders have a proactive attitude, rather than a reactive attitude. Great leaders know what to focus on, and when to solve a problem, rather than discussing how that problem occurred.

A proactive leader takes time to plan and improve how the team works in order to prevent problems before they happen. That is the essence of a proactive leader.

Great Leaders are Creative

Finally, great leaders are creative. Without creativity there is no change, innovation, or improvement.

Creative leaders are able to initiate original and innovative products, ideas and not least approaches. In fact, in today’s world, work is no longer linear and predictable. Instead, it is often dominated by rapid and disruptive change. This calls for creative and diverse teams, and leaders, who are able to navigate and thrive in constantly changing environments.

The world needs Creative Leaders

Today’s complex environment calls for a different kind of leadership. One that generates new approaches and solutions to match the constantly changing environments that we live under.

Creative leadership is a leadership style that promotes and supports conditions of creativity.

Leadership is equivalent to creating an environment for innovation, growth, and opportunity. In other words, leadership is not about managing, organizing or controlling people – it’s about creating a creative environment where people thrive and are able to fulfil their potential.

Creativity is the ability to create something new, to develop an idea or solve a problem and being able to think outside the box.

With the two combined, leadership and creativity, we have a creative leader. Creative leaders are not waiting on things to happen – they make things happen. They are explorative, agile, and dare to try things out and take chances. Basically, creative leaders embrace change while intercepting the unexpected.

Learn How to Become a Great Leader

For some people these traits or skills are congenital. But for the majority of people, they require training and guidance to achieve.

Luckily, a lot of the traits of a great leader are skills you can learn through training and education. For instance, Kaospilot offers a three-year full-time education in Enterprising Leadership, where you will learn entrepreneurial skills and mindsets and develop yourself as a leader. Alternatively, KAOSPILOT also offers a professional program in Creative Leadership which is divided into three exciting and learning modules.

Both programs will grant you indispensable skills in how you become a leader.

Creative Leadership Course

If you want to learn how to increase the creative potential and the innovative capacity of a group or an organization, Kaospilot’s Creative Leadership course is just for you. In this professional program you will learn how to nurture a strong culture for learning and creativity. In other words, you will not just learn how to become a leader, but how to become a creative leader.

The program consists of three inspiring modules, each with its own focus. You will collaborate with participants from a wide variety of industries and positions, but with the common goal of learning how to practice creative leadership.

Enterprising Leadership Education

If you are looking for more than a course, Kaospilot’s full-time Enterprising Leader education may be just the right choice for you.

In this three-year program you will learn all the theory, tools, and skills needed to become a leader of the future; a creative leader that is.

You will learn how to explore the potential of any given opportunity, challenge and situation and how to develop ideas and solutions that are original, relevant, and serve multiple needs.

At the end of this three-year journey, you will be qualified to work within numerous industries, fields, and professions. Some graduates work within private companies, civil organizations or public institutions, while others seek towards the cultural sector. You may also be driven to create your own start-up or social enterprise.

Regardless of the path you chose, the journey starts with the Kaospilot Enterprising Leadership program.

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